Sheikah Stones Episode 2

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Episode 2 of our weekly Zelda whiteboard, Sheikah Stones, has been released. This episode focuses on the technologies and events that took place during and before Skyward Sword. I dive into the timeline a little bit and ponder about the idea of timeline distortion due to a paradox.

Lastly I answer a couple of mailbag questions in regards to the Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses Concert I saw in Orlando.


About Author

Noah Glaser is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati where he majored in Information Technology with a minor in awesome. Noah has worked in web marketing for over 5 years and has built a reputation that has followed him both professionally and independently. He is the founder and lead content contributor for The Hidden Triforce.In the 5th grade he bought Link’s Awakening for his brother as a Christmas gift. Since stealing it back, he has been hooked to the Zelda series and has never looked back. In his spare time you can find Noah frolicking with his Porygon and Kiwi Birds. He dislikes chocolate, cheese, and bacon.

  • Kikwi

    The entire series is built on the idea of time travel, you moron. If you've never seen any sci-fi or other fiction that revolves around the idea of time travel then I guess the idea of discrepancies between different points in time with changeable outcomes is foreign to you, but if you're making a claim like this I assume you've played at least one LOZ game. Shut your face.

    • noahglaser

      Stay off my site. I have no need for immature idiots here. It was all said in jest, and the fact that you reacted this way shows your mental capacity is at a minimal level.

  • ztjames

    i assumed it was just because of Ganon(dorf)/ other evils enslaving hyrule and technology was lost. kind of a dark ages type thing, also there is the fact that they couldn't forsee what new enemies they would create 10-20 years later. i think that the only element of the timeline nintendo was concerned about was story, they weren't trying to piece together which enemies should be in which time periods they just tried to create a timeline which if you followed the story would be plausible