Twilight Princess Items

Welcome to our Twilight Princess Items page. Twilight Princess brought a bunch of new items and equipment to the Zelda series. It was unique in the sense that old items were given new abilities while also introducing a lot of fun items such as the spinner.

This page will help you locate all of the Twilight Princess Items while also explaining their uses.


Wooden Sword

A sword fashioned from wood. This is the first sword you are able to use in the game. Rusl will leave it in your house, in a chest, to collect.

Ordon Sword

This sword was originally a gift to the Royal Family along with the Ordon Shield. This is the second sword you obtain at Midna’s request from Ordon Village at Rusl’s house.

Master Sword

Often called the “Blade of Evil’s Bane” as it’s the vanquisher of evil. It is located in the Temple of Time, which resides in the Sacred Grove in the Lost woods, where the Hero of Time left it in it’s resting place in the Pedestal of Time.

Light Sword

The Master Sword gains the power of Sols, which will make the blade itself emit a bright light while in the Twilight Realm. With this new power, the Master Sword will now deliver devastating blows to the creatures that belong to the Twilight. To gain the power of Sols, you must capture them and bring them outside of the Palace of Twilght. Be careful though as they are guarded by Zant’s Hands who will chase you until you are outside. The sword will revert back to its normal blade upon your return to Hyrule.


Hero’s Clothes

The infamous green clothing of the Hero of Time will be magically bestowed upon you when are transformed from wolf to human after rescuing Faron. The Hero’s Clothes gives a better defense compared to that of Wolf Link or the Zora Armor.

Zora Armor

This armor is obtained after safely getting Prince Ralis to Kakariko Village. The spirit of his mother, Queen Rutela, will show her gratitude by leading you to the grave of her husbund where the Zora Armor lies in wait for you. The Zora Armor , of course, allows you to breathe underwater and swim faster. The weakness of this armor is that it leaves you defenseless against the heat and cold. You will take a considerable amount of damage if hit by a fire or ice based attack.

Magic Armor

Arguably the best armor in the game. While wearing this armor you will not sustain any damage but any hits taken will drain you of your rupees instead. When you are out of rupees the armor will lose its luster and become powerless. While the armor is in its unpowered state, your movement will become sluggish, almost as if you were wearing the Iron Boots out of water. You can purchase this armor at the Malo Mart – Castle Town Branch for 598 rupees. There is a process for acquiring the Magic Armor which includes spending up to 4,000 rupees. This armor is an extra item in the game and is strongly recommended when doing the Cave of Ordeals.


Ordon Shield

This is a wooden shield made in Ordon Village to be presented to the Royal family along with the Ordon Sword. This is the first shield you obtain at Midna’s request from Ordon Village on the upper floor of Jaggle’s house. Please note this is a wooden shield so it will burn when contact is made with fire. The Ordon Shield cannot be replaced after it has been burnt away.

Wooden Shield

Almost the same as the Ordon Shield but with a different symbol. The Wooden Shield can be purchased only after you have lost the Ordon Shield. You can purchase it at the Malo Mart in Kakariko Village or the Goron shop near the Hot Springs on Death Mountain.

Hylian Shield

Best shield in the game as it’s metal so it will not burn, can deflect physical attacks but also magical attacks when you use the Shield Attack technique. The Hylian Shield can be purchased from the Malo Mart in Kakarika Village or the Goron Merchant in Castle Town.

Inventory Items

Fishing Rod

A rod given to you by Uli for retrieving her baby’s cradle from a monkey in Ordon Village. This Fishing Rod can be used practically anywhere with water. There are a variety of baits, hooks and lures to use. The Fishing Rod can also be used to distract Ganondorf during the final fight.


Total of 4 bottles in Twilight Princess. Used for carrying things ranging from Milk and Chu Jelly to Potions and Spring Water as well as many other things. You get given the first bottle by Sera in the Ordon Village Shop, filled with Milk. The second bottle available from Coro in the Faron Woods. He offers a bottle of Lantern Oil for 100 rupees. The third bottle can be caught near the bridge at Hena’s Fishing Hole using the Fishing Rod. Finally the last bottle will be given to you by Jovani, the man who suffers the Poe’s curse, in exchange for 20 Poe souls. The bottle will come filled with Great Fairy’s Tears.


The first weapon the game that you can shoot projectiles from a distance. You use pumpkin seeds for ammunation. You can purchase it from Sera’s shop in Ordon Village.


You get given the Lantern by Coro in the Faron Woods as a gift, a token of your first meeting. The Lantern can be used to light up dark areas, burning cobwebs and igniting torches for opening doors or making chests materialise. The Lantern is needed to traverse through the poison mist in the Faron Woods.

Ooccoo and Ooccoo Jr.

Ooccoo and Ooccoo Jr. are Oocca travellers from the mysterious City in the Sky. You will find them in each dungeon, up to City in the Sky, in a jar. Ooccoo will teleport you out of the dungeon whenever you need to (excluding mini boss and boss battles). Ooccoo Jr. will teleport you back into the dungeon when you’re ready to head back into the fray.

Gale Boomerang

Inhabited by the Fairy of Winds, the Gale Boomerang is considered one of the most useful items. It can summon gales and collect out of reach items, target five enemies or objects all at the same time, cut rope, put out fires or even send bombs at an enemy. You get this item from the Forest Temple as reward for defeating Ook the Baboon.

Iron Boots

These boots has many purposes. The first use is to halt rolling Gorons that try to prevent you from getting to Death Mountain. Of course these boots can be used for sinking to the bottom of any body of water and allowing you to use your sword in combat. Also, these boots can be used to walk on magnetised surfaces, allowing you to progress through dungeons. It also makes you invulnerable to gusts of wind. The boots are given to you by mayor Bo of Kakriko Village after being defeated in a sumo match.

Hero’s Bow

The main item to be claimed in the Goron Mines after defeating Dangoro, the bow’s guardian. It can be used on horseback and be very effective against King Bulblin.

Hawkeye Mask

This mask looks like two bird eyes and a beak. It is to be combined with your Hero Bow so you can scope in on targets. To obtain this, you must complete Malo and Talo’s archery training that they prepared for you. Hit the two targets in order to get the mask for sale in Malo Mart, in Kakriko Village, for 100 rupees.


Bombs can be purchased from Barnes’ Bombs in Kakariko Village or be dropped from monsters around Hyrule. Used for blowing up rocks to reveal doorways or treasure. Bombs are also used for killing Stalfos when they are down. You can combine your bombs with your arrows to make Bomb Arrows, which allow you to fire bombs at targets that are at a distance.

Clawshot and Double Clawshots

This piece of equipment fires a claw, a long chain will follow, at targets. You can Clawshot onto vines, grating and Clawshotable tiles on walls, not to mention stun enemies and grab items that are at a distance like the Gale Boomerang. You get the first Clawshot at the Lakebed Temple after defeating the Deku Toad. The second Clawshot is obtained from the City in the Sky as it is required to defeat Twilit Dragon: Agorok. With the Double Clawshots, you can attach yourself to one surface and fire the second Clawshot at another to move around. These Clawshots can be used to play the STAR mini game in Castle Town.

Water Bomb

Inspired by the Bomb Fish, these bombs can explode underwater. They are necessary to enter the Lakebed Temple. Also these bombs can be combined with your arrows to make Bomb Arrrows like the normal bombs can. You can purchase these bombs from Barnes’ Bombs in Kakariko Village only after he get a letter form him saying he has a special type of bomb for sale or you can purchase from a Zora thats near the Lakebed Temple.


Used to get around to certain places, the Spinner is a ancient device that allows you to travel on tracks and operate gear switches throughout the Arbiter’s Grounds. Other tracks can be found around Hyrule Field and other dungeons. You obtain the Spinner as a reward for defeating Death Sword in the Arbiter’s Grounds and it is needed to defeat Twilit Fossil: Stallord.

Ball and Chain

The Ball and Chain is dropped after defeating Darkhammer in the Snowpeak Ruins. This weapon serves as a destructive tool when it comes to breaking ice, glass and platforms as well as enemies. It can also act as a shield when needed. The Ball and Chain slows you down when moving but not as much as the Iron Boots. Also when equiped, the Ball and Chain makes you invulnerable to gusts of wind.


These are enemies as well as items. Bomblings are makeshift bombs and can be found in the Forest Temple or Hyrule Field (though they will attack you on sight in the field.) Normally the Bomblings will run into a straight line until they come into contact with an object but they will change their course if there is an enemy near by. Barnes’ Bombs will eventually sell Bomblings to you, allowing you to store them into your inventory.

Dominion Rod

Used to remotely move statues to do your bidding. The Dominion Rod is found in the Temple of Time and must be used to progress through the dungeon and to defeat Twilit Arachnid: Armogohma. Upon exiting the Temple of Time, the rod will lose its power and you will have to restore it by talking to Shad and using the Ancient Sky Book in Kakariko Village.

Horse Call

You are able to call Epona anywhere in Hyrule Field without the need to find Horse Grass. You receive this after you have restored Ilia’s memories.

Collectable Items

Golden Bugs

These Golden Bugs are for Princess Agitha in Castle Town as she wants to have a party. There are 24 bugs in total and can be found all over Hyrule.

Pieces of Heart

Pieces of Heart can be found all over Hyrule, in dungeons and rewards for defeating bosses or mini games. Collecting 5 Pieces of Heart will grant you a another heart on your Health meter.

Poe Souls

The Poe Souls are fragments of Jovani’s soul that he sold to the Poes in his greed. Defeating a Poe will grant you a soul. Collect 60 Poe Souls to set Jovani free.

Bottle held Items


Milk restores your health by 3 hearts with every serving. Bottled Milk carries 2 servings.

Bee Larva

Used primarily for fishing bait, the Bee Larva can be use to restore health also but only restores a quarter of a heart.

Lantern Oil or Yellow Chu Jelly

A bottle of Lantern Oil is for refilling your Lantern whenever it runs out of oil. Lantern Oil can be bought from Coro in the Faron Woods or you can find large vats in dungeons. Yellow Chu Jelly acts as Lantern Oil when bottled.

Nasty Soup or Purple Chu Jelly

Coro in the Faron Woods has a cauldron in front of him. He allows you to fill a bottle up with the soup but only when the fire is lit underneath it as he says it is not safe to consume. Comsuming the Nasty Soup more commonly harms you than restores your health. Bottling the Purple Chu Jelly will act the same as Nasty Soup.

Red Potion or Red Chu Jelly

Red Potion can be bought at several shops in Hyrule or stolen from Coro’s pet Trill. Red Potion will restore health when consumed by 8 hearts. Bottling Red Chu Jelly will act the same as a Red Potion.

Blue Potion or Blue Chu Jelly

The Blue Potion restores all your hearts. It can be purchsed in cartain shops. The Blue Chu Jelly will act the same as a Blue Potion.

Hot Springwater

There are Hot Springs on Death Mountain and in Kakariko Village. Bottling Hot Springwater will cool down and become Water after short while. It can be used like a potion before it cools down.


The only purpose of regular water is either put a fire out or help the Ordon Pumpkins grow.


Used as fish bait. The worms are better than the Bee Larva and can attract other fish that the Bee Larva can not. Bomskits also drop worms upon death.

Great Fairy’s Tears or Rare Chu Jelly

Tears are very rare to come by as they restore you to full health and increase your strength. One bottle is given to you by Jovani, after you give him 20 Poe Souls. The only other way to get Tears is to complete the Cave of Ordeals. After the Cave of Ordeals is completed, you can obtain Great Fairy’s Tears from each of the Spirit Springs. The Rare Chu Jelly or the Golden Chu Jelly is as rare as the Tears are. They will give the same effect as the Great Fairy’s Tears.

Yeto’s Soup

The soup goes under 3 stages of strength as each ingrediant is added. Yeto’s Soup will give you 8 hearts with each serving being the best soup made.


If you fall in combat, the bottled Fairy will revive you and restore 8 of your hearts. They can be found at the Spirit Springs.

Quest items

Fused Shadow

Midna asks for your help to gain 3 Shadows inside the first few dungeons as she thinks they are the key to stopping Zant. This allows to you to gain access to Hyrule Castle.

Mirror Shards

The Twilight Mirror Shards are collected in later dungeons. Once you have all the pieces, you will go back to the top of the Arbiter’s Grounds and there you will have access to pass into the once sealed Twilight Realm.

Ashei’s Sketch

This sketch shows a yeti type creature carrying a fish. Show the sketch around to the Zora’s and they will inform you that Prince Ralis caught a fish similar to the one the Yeti was carrying.

Auru’s Memo

This memo allows you to travel to the Gerudo Desert via the cannon at Lake Hylia.

Telma’s Invoice

An invoice from Telma to the Doctor regarding a unsettling sum.

Renado’s Letter

A letter from Renado to Telma, asking for her help. Must be taken from Kakariko Village to Telma’s Bar in Castle Town.

Wooden Statue

The statue is one of the items needed to restore Ilia’s memory. You must kill a pack of Stalhounds, who are in the Southern part of Hyrule Field, to retrieve it.