Ocarina of Time Big Poes

After Ganondorf took over Hyrule, during Link’s 7 years of slumber, 10 Big Poes made Hyrule Field their haunting grounds. Fortunately for you, these Big Poes are not too hard to kill and even more fortunate for you there is a weird Poe Collector who will reward you handsomely for your efforts.

First of all, the Poe Collector can be found right inside the ruins of the old Hyrule Castle. Speaking to him will reveal his desire to have the souls of the 10 Big Poes that roams Hyrule Field. By bringing the Poe Collector the soul of all 10 of the Big Poes, he will reward you with an empty bottle.

Ocarina of Time Big PoesNow, to kill a Big Poe, you must know how to identify one. The Big Poes and the regular Poes are very similar looking. However there is a few traits that will help you distinguish the Big Poes from their smaller cousins. Big Poes will, first of all, only appear when you are mounted upon Epona. Therefore this side-quest will mainly take place on horseback. Big Poes will also turn orange after they have been defeated while the regular ones will become purple.

Last of all, this side-quest will require a variety of items. To kill the Big Poes you will need a lot of arrows. Since you will be on Epona the entire time, arrows will be the only weapon you can use. Finally you will need an empty bottle at all times to gather the Big Poe’s souls to bring back to the Poe Collector.


Ocarina of Time Big Poes

Big Poe #1

The first Ocarina of Time Big Poe can be found right outside of the ruins of Hyrule Castle. Head South from Hyrule Castle, towards the ranch, and the Big Poe should appear.

Big Poe #2

The second Big Poe can be found along the edge of the river. To locate the Big Poe you should head left out of the Kakariko Village exit. Keep heading left until you end up on the edge of the river and where it flows in between the cliff and wall. Once there, head towards the cliff and the Poe should appear. This Big Poe can be hard to hit at times so it may take a few attempts.

Big Poe #3

The third Poe is really easy to locate. Near the entrance to Lon Lon Ranch is a tree. Ride between the tree and the ranch and the Big Poe will appear.

Big Poe #4

The fourth Big Poe can once again be found near Lon Lon Ranch. To find this Poe you will need to ride towards the Lon Lon Ranch from the fence near the Kokiri Forest entrance. The Big Poe will then appear and float around Lon Lon’s wall.

Big Poe #5

The fifth Big Poe is slightly tricky but if you keep your sights aimed high then he should be no problem. To locate this Poe, take the forked path outside of Hyrule Castle. Instead of taking one of the two paths, you will actually just cut through the fork. Shortly afterwards you will find a stone wall. Go to the left of this wall and ride until you reach the dip. At that moment a Big Poe will appear high up in the sky.

Big Poe #6

West of Hyrule Castle is a small area where the river runs in front of the wall. By riding around in this area a Big Poe will appear. He will sometimes appear across the river.

Big Poe #7

To find this Poe head North from the Lake Hylia entrance. You will need to ride close to the wall until you pass the cliff towards Gerudo Valley. Once past the cliff you will need to head north and take the right in the fork on the road. The Big Poe will then appear at the point where the two bluffs are closest together.

Big Poe #8

From the Lake Hylia entrance ride North-east until you see a series of brown trees with one green tree to the left. Ride Epona between the green tree and the brown trees and the Poe will appear.

Big Poe #9

Near the last Big Poe is another group of brown trees. Ride towards it from the North-east and the Poe will show up.

Big Poe #10

Remember where you found Poe #7? If so head back in that direction. This time continue past the two bluffs and head slightly to the left so that you will ride Epona between a cliff to your left and a tree on your right. Once past the tree head slightly to your right and up the hill until the Big Poe appears.