Twilight Princess Golden Bugs

Twilight Princess is filled with a lot of side-quests.  Click here for the Twilight Princess Heart Pieces. This page will help you find the Twilight Princess Golden Bugs. Throughout Hyrule there are several species of bugs that Agitha would like you to collect. Collecting these Twilight Princess Bugs will enable Link to acquire a lot of upgrades and rewards.

twilight princess golden bugs

This guide will show you how to find all of the Golden Bug locations.

Twilight Princess Golden Bugs

Ants – Kakariko Village

♂ – Found crawling near a tree at the back of the graveyard in Kakariko.
♀ – In the vacant house next to the bomb shop on the Western part of Kakariko Village.

Beetles – Faron Province

♂ – Located near the middle of the field. He can be found near a tree between the hills in the middle.
♀ – She is hanging onto a tree in the same general area but up a ridge. If you cannot find her during the day wait until it is night as it may be easier to spot her.

Snails – Sacred Grove

♂ – Go back to the location of the Guardian Puzzle and he will be in the southwest part of that room crawling on the wall near the alcove.
♀ – She is right inside the Temple of Time entrance. Right before entering the temple there is a staircase. She will be on the western part of the stairs.

Butterflies – East Hyrule Field

♂ – From the Eastern entrance of Castle Town head south and he will be in a flower patch right off the path.
♀ – Once again head go to the Eastern Entrance but this time head Easr and you will see an ivy covered ledge to your left. Equip your clawshot and get to the top where you will find the butterfly in a flower patch.

Dragonflies – Zora’s River

♂ –Go up the left side of Mother and Child Rock and he will be there.
♀ – She is right in front of Iza’s boat rental shop.

Grasshoppers – Western Hyrule Field

♂ – Exit Kakariko Village to the Northeast and he will be in a dry patch of ground to the Northwest.
♀ – Go to the far Northeast corner of Western Hyrul Field and she will be jumping around in the grass.

Pill Bugs – Kakariko Gorge

♂ – He is on the ground to the Southeast of the Kakariko Gourge.
♀ – While facing the Kakariko Village entrance follow the rock wall until you get to a patch of flowers. She will be in them.

Ladybugs –(Lanayru Province)

♂ – Head to the west of Castle Town and you will see a huge rock. The ladybug will be near some flowers at the base of the rock.
♀ – Take the Southern exit of Castle Town and you will be at a courtyard with a pool and some trees. The ladybug is near the trees on the east side of the pool.
Mantises – Lake Hylia Bridge

♂ – The male is flying around the north part of the Great Bridge at Lake Hylia. Look up inside the arch to find him.
♀ – On the Southern part of the bridge and go to the group of trees right before the smaller bridge. She will be really high up on the wall so look carefully.

Phasmids – Bridge of Eldin

♂ – Look at the Southern arch of the Eldin Bridge to find him.
♀ – She is on the North part of the bridge.

Stag Beetles – Northern Hyrule Field

♂ – There is a lone tree on the eastern half of the small river in Northern Hyrule Field. The beetle will be around its branches.
♀ – On the North side of this river there is a rocky path area. If you take this path you will come across a fork in the road. Take the right path and there is a boulder that you can blow up. Look up and to the right to see her.

Dayflies – Gerudo Desert

♂ – While it is night-time head to the southern part of the middle of the Gerudo Desrt and you will see it flying around.
♀ – Head to the Northeast part of the Desert and look around the trenches.

Thanks for using our guide! You have now collected all of the Twilight Princess Golden Bugs.