Phantom Hourglass Power Gem Locations

Throughout the Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass there are 20 Power Gems to be collected. Collecting these gems will grant Link a couple of new abilities. With ten Power Gems in his possession Link’s sword will double in attack power. With all twenty Link’s sword power will be quadrupled.

This strategy guide will instruct you on locating all of the game’s Power Gems.

  • The first Power Gem can be bought from any ship in the game for the price of 200 Rupees.
  • After completing the Temple of Wind Oshus will give you a Power Gem
  • There is another gem inside a chest in the cave to the East of the Temple of the Ocean King.
  • Inside of the Temple of the Ocean King is several chests with Power Gems inside. This one can be accessed after shooting an eye in the wall on the third floor.
  • Defeating the Phantom Eyes on the 4th floor of the Temple of the Ocean King will reward Link with a Power Gem.
  • On the 7th floor you can get to another chest by hitting an orb switch on one of the higher spots of the level.
  • After completing the Temple of Fire Link will get a Power Gem from Astrid.
  • There is a gem on Cannon Island hidden behind a rocky wall in the cave to the south west.
  • After getting the Grappling Hook you can reach a Power Gem in the cavern behind Romano’s house on Molida Island
  • On Spirit Island there is a chest on the south east corner. Use the Grappling Hook to get to it.
  • On the Isle of Gust there is a chest up on the high southwestern part of the island.
  • Inside of the Temple of Wind there is a Power Gem to the left of the room with the giant sandworm.
  • On Bannan Island is another gem that is close to the dock. The grappling hook will be needed.
  • In the Temple of Courage there are a couple of Power Gems. The first of which is hidden behind a wall on the first floor. You can find it between the 2 stone letters.
  • The second of which is inside of a chest that you can get after shooting the 2 eye switches in the mobile platform room.
  • A Power Gem is hidden in a chest in the northeastern maze of the Goron Temple.
  • There is a chest on the Isle of Frost high up in the Yook’s area. You must take a path from the entrance to the Temple of Ice to get to it.
  • On the Isle of the Dead there is a room to the right after falling down the hidden hole to the south of the island’s mouth.
  • On the Isle of Ruins to the northeast of the maze.
  • After defeating King Mutoh’s temple he will send you one in the post.