Twilight Princess Poe Locations

Twilight Princess Poe LocationsHow to identify a poe – Your first poe is in Jovani’s house. (This is on the way to the castle after beating the Lakebed Temple), after that one is killed you will start seeing little purple lanterns pop up all over Hyrule (As long as you’re still Link, if you use your “wolf sense” then you will be able to see the whole poe.) Most poes appear to look alike: small, blue, floating and child-like, and they’re always holding a huge scythe. (Note: The four poes you encounter in Arbiter Grounds are different!) On another note, poes usually only come out at night so it’s probably best to hunt for them at night!

Obviously you have to kill these poes, definitely easier to do as a wolf using your sense to see them! Once you kill a poe you gain their soul. 20 of these souls will give you a Bottle of Fairy Tears. There are 60 poes in all, kill each one and you get a nice silver rupee (this equals 200 rupees by the way!), and an infinite supply of rupees from Gengle, Jovani’s cat, he manages to cough some up every time you talk to him, and last but not least you get the satisfaction of completing yet another of the random side quests that Zelda Twilight Princess has to offer.

So where are these poes you may ask? Well this guide is meant to show you where these little poes are and how to steal their souls, I’ve separated this guide into regions but not in any particular order.
So let’s get hunting! (Note: I already said the first poe is in Jovani’s house so we’ll start with the next one, and the numbers will only go up to 59)

Twilight Princess Poe Locations

Faron Province
Sacred Grove:

  • 1. Go into the hollowed out stump and find a small area which is Skull Kid’s hideout, the poe is located in the area with a small pool of water and a waterfall is running over the entrance.
  • 2. This one is where you meet Skull Kid in the main temple area (Where he is beaten before you’re given access to the master sword). All you need to do is first make sure you’re Link and then blow up the rock in the middle of the area to reveal a poe. Kill the sucker and receive your 3rd poe soul.
  • 3. This poe can be found after completing the Temple Of Time, go back to the place where you acquired the master sword and there should be a poe floating around.

Faron Woods:

  • 4. Go to the Poisonous Swamp area and use Midna to jump around until you come to a hollowed out stump. There should be a poe floating around in there.

Hyrule Field:

  • 5. Right upon exiting the Faron Woods, you come on a stretch of land, the area near two big bodies of water holds a poe.

Eldin Province:
Kakariko Village:

  • 6. Remember Barnes Bomb Shop‘s Supply House? The thing you blew up here once as a wolf? Well climb to the wreckage at night as a wolf to see a poe.
  • 7. If you’re standing at the wreckage of what used to be a supply house, the next poe is just up the hill from there. Continue up the hill until you get to Talo’s lookout. There is a poe waiting on the porch just before you enter the building.
  • 8. This 3rd poe is pretty simple to get and seems pretty typical for a spirit. That’s right! You’ll find this poe smack-dab in the middle of the graveyard at night.
  • 9. This poe is also located in the graveyard. At night, push the grave in the southeast corner and a poe will pop out. Kill it and collect your prize.

Death Mountain:

  • 10. Make sure you have the Gorons on your side before completing this task. Climb the trail at night and use the second Goron to send you flying to the cliff to the right of him. Up there you’ll find a poe, but be warned, you’re on a cliff and might fall off if you’re not careful!

Kakariko Gorge:

  • 11. Stand on the bridge and look east, you’ll see a cliff that seems it can reached by going south then climbing. Upon arrival to the top you’ll see a tree and a poe out in the open.

Kakariko Gorge/Lantern Cavern:

  • 12. South of the gorge you’ll come to a boulder in a wall. Well, obviously you bomb it to reveal a cavern, enter the cavern. (Note: You might really want a full lantern for this!) Follow a semi-northwest path and eventually you’ll come to a room-like area and you’ll find a poe.

Hidden Village:

  • 13. Go in there at night and look to the left. On the balcony there is a poe being all poeish, on the left of it there is a net. Grapple onto it and climb up.

Hyrule Field:

  • 14. Start in Faron Province and head towards the Great bridge of Hylia. You should find a poe just before you cross the bridge.

Lanayru Province:

Hyrule Castle Town:

  • This is the first poe I mentioned earlier (The one in Jovani’s house.) This poe is needed to advance in the game.

Lake Hylia:

  • 15. Head to the Howling Stone and look south, like in the Gourge, there is a boulder blocking yet another cavern. This cavern is a little longer so stock up your oil! Looking at your map the poe is early on and in the southwest corner of it.
  • 16. This poe is also in the cavern, it’s located halfway through the winding path. Looking at the map it’s in the far north corner of the cavern.
  • 17. This last poe in the cavern is in the very back near a glowing exit. Looking at your map it’s northeast from the first poe.
  • 18. This poe is located on the first prize floor in Falbi’s Flight-by-Foul game. You can reach your destination by Hyrule Field or Fyer’s Cannon. Play the game for 20 Rupees at night and find the poe however watch for the platforms or you’ll fall off and have to start over.
  • 19. This next poe is located on a patch of land on the western side of the area, there will be a poe.
  • 20. Go to the south and there should be some shore ledges, climb until you get to the poe.
  • 21. Look at the northern wall, there’s a poe latern floating on a ledge. Take a u-turn mid-flight while plaing the Flight-By-Fowl game and toss the fowl and claim your poe.
  • 22. Go to the base of the lookout tower (The one Auru was standing on to help you get access to the Desert Province) at night and your poe will be there.

Zora’s Domain:

  • 23. At the bottom of the waterfall, swim west and climb the incline you approach. You will see a golden bug as well as another beloved poe.
  • 24. Go to the east alcove (towards the entrance to Snowpeak. Using wolf-jumps, go up two jumps and you will find another poe in the gap behind the waterfall.

Zora’s River:

  • 25. Go to the beginning of the river and look south. There is a poe floating around a grassy knoll.

Hyrule Field:

  • 26. From the castle (at night, naturally!) head north until you find a stone bridge, your poe will be there.
  • 27. In that same area as before head to the most eastern part of your map and in between two trees, you’ll find a clump of dirt. Turn into a wolf and dig that area. Then you’ll find a cavern with Babas and actually two poe souls.
  • 28. Same area as mentioned above. (This is the second poe I was talking about.)
  • 29. Go into Castle Town and head to the south exit, a poe is on the patio waiting for you to take it’s soul.
  • 30. Go back through Castle Town but go through the western one, this poe is sitting on the wooden bridge near the exit.
  • 31. Go to the Amphitheater that you obtained the owl statue for your trip for Shad, there’s a poe hanging around.

Desert Province:
Gerudo Desert:

  • 32. After defeating King Bulblin and ride the boar to the entrance of Arbiter’s Grounds, go back to where you battled, there will be a poe there.
  • 33. Before actually entering Arbiter’s Grounds, go right of the entrance, the poe is yours for the taking.
  • 34. Before entering the winding path that leads to the enemy encampment, go west. Looking at the map it’s the desert’s north-central section. There’s a poe on a ledge that you need to grapple up onto, clamp onto a tree nearby with your Clawshot to get there.
  • 35. Stay in this area and get in your wolf form, look for dirt that’s dig gable and dig down to a cave to find yet another poe.
  • 36. Before leaving this cave another should attack you. You know the drill…
  • 37. Head down the path that leads to the enemy encampment. There’s a poe located on the small path on the right side of the path you’re on, beware of some sand creatures!
  • 38. In the same area you found the middle section to the Bridge Of Eldin, you’ll find a poe at the entrance to the Cave of Ordeals.
  • 39. Use Fyer’s cannon and blast into the Desert Province. There is a poe south of where you landed.

Cave Of Ordeals:

  • 40. You will encounter 3 poes on your travels through the Cave, the first is on the 17th floor.
  • 41. The next is on the 31st floor. The Dominion rod is need to descend downward.
    42. The last poe is on the 44th floor, Double Clawshots are needed on the 41st floor to go downward.

Peak Province:

43. Head southwest of the entrance of Snowpeak Ruins. On the snowboard trail, you can travel up in wolf form and attack that poe that’s on the bluff, but be careful and watch yourself so you don’t fall off.

44. The first poe on the way to the Ruins that we’ll come across is on the first set of cliffs you come to. On the first ledge (South-central portion of your map) there is a poe hovering around, it’s near a tree and a cave. It’s off the path of the Reekfish Scent.

  • 45. On that same ledge but in a northeastern direction you’ll see a poe near a large boulder. Kill off all enemies on the path before killing the poe.
  • 46. Enter the cave at the top of the mountain, there’s a poe in an icy wall. Use the Ball and Chain to break it.
  • 47. Follow the Reekfish scent to the top of the mountain. Before entering the cave look for the poe near a tree.

Arbiter’s Grounds:

  • 48. The first poe is in the room where all four poes steal the flames, it’s in the same room where you witness the stolen goods.
  • 49. Head to the basement on the west side. Spin the room to cut a hold in the ceiling, and use your clawshot to get up and enter the room to the north.
  • 50. The third is behind a wall in the room you come across Redeads. Dig the hole as a wolf and find the chain that opens the wall.
  • 51. The last poe is on the Second floor, make sure the lantern puzzle is solved so you can open the doors. Then it’s time to play a game of “pick the poe”, he splits into four clones, choose the brightest one to claim his soul.

Snowpeak Ruins:

  • 52. There are three poes within the Ruins. The first is in the foyer of the house. He’s probably floating over some ice.
  • 53. On the southwestern room on the 2nd floor, you come to a room that’s ice from top to bottom, smash the ice on the west wall with Ball and Chain, you’ll find a poe in the alcove.
  • 54. In the first room of the house, on the western wall you’ll see three suits of armor, break out your Ball and Chain again and bust open the middle suit.

Temple of Time:

  • 55. On the 6th floor, in the room with the giant scale, use it to lift yourself up and grapple onto the middle of the room. Keep grappling with Spinner tracks and get to the top of the room and on the western side your poe will be awaiting you.
  • 56. Start heading back towards the first floor but stop on the third. The room with the elevator, you’ll find a golden gate with a poe behind it. Use the Dominion Rod to control the statues on the top of the wall and hit those switches.
  • 57. This last poe is in the main entrance hall of the Temple. On the southeast corner is an Owl Statue waiting to be moved, behind it is your last poe here.

City In The Sky:

  • 58. On the third floor, the room with all the Peahats and holes in the wall, use these Peahats to hover over two walls and look south. Hook onto the plant you see hovering. You need to hook one last plant then drop to the area it takes you.
  • 59. In the outer room of the section where you found the Big Key, you’ll notice a poe on one of the platforms. Turn into your wolf form and tightrope the right rope to get to it. Once you get there attack but be aware of your location, you can fall in any direction.

Congratulations, all 60 poes in Twilight Princess have been captured (And you’ve completed the largest side quest in the game!)! Now head back go Jovani’s house and claim your riches!