Skyward Sword Haunted Restroom

The Skyward Sword Haunted Restroom is a side-quest in Skyward Sword where Link must deliver a series of love letters to characters in Skyloft. The quest is fairly short but can be confusing if you do not know where to go. This guide will walk you through completion of the quest.

Skyward Sword Haunted Restroom

To begin this quest you will need to talk to Cawlin who can be found inside of the Skyloft Academy hallway. You will be given a love letter that needs to be delivered to Karane.

This part has 2 options. You can either give it to Karane or you can give it to the ghost haunting the restroom at night. Either way, you get rewarded with 5 Gratitude Crystals.

If you choose to give the Love Letter to the Ghost then you need to wait until night and enter the bathroom to find the ghost. After doing so return to Grooses’ room and you will see the ghost haunting Cawlin. You will be rewarded with 5 crystals.  This is personally my favorite option.

However you can skip this and give the letter to Karane. If you choose to take this route then head down the first floor hall and you can find Karane in a classroom. Talk with her and she will be muttering about Pipit. Inform her about the letter and then let her finish talking. You will now need to locate Pipit and tell him about Karane’s love letter. Pipit can be found walking on the second floor.

After talking to him, return t Karane and a love triangle situation unfolds.  Cawlin will be broken hearted and run away while Pipit will thank you and give you 5 Gratitude Crystals.