Twilight Princess Bosses

Twilight Parasite: Diababa

Diababa is the giant plant resembling monster that awaits you at the end of the Forest Temple.
When this boss battle first begins, Diababa only shows its two heads. As Link, it is of course
up to you to defeat this monster. And to this, you must use your Gale Boomerang to send a
Bombling flying at his two heads. Once you have launched a Bombling at both heads, Diababa will
show the rest of himself. He will emerge his giant head and two plant bud parts. From now on,
he will attack Link with his head and two buds by lunging at you and slamming onto the ground.
He will also start spraying an acidic mist at you so constantly be on the move. Around this
time, the Ook, the baboon that you fought earlier, will show up and start swinging across the
room with Bomblings in his hands for you. So once again you will need to use your Gale
Boomerang to target the Bomblings and Diababa’s main head. Once you successfully hit his head
with a Bombling he will drop his head to the ground stunned. Take this chance to run up to him
and go to town on his head with your sword. Repeat this process two to three times and he will
be killed.

Twilit Igniter: Fyrus

Upon entering the boss chamber of the Goron Mines, you will see Fyrus chained between pillars
in the middle of the floor. However, your entrance apparently is enough to peeve him off to
the point where he will become ablaze and break free from the pillars. Once the fight begins,
equip your Bow and try to shoot him in the shining gem on his forehead. But be careful, as if
you take too long he will start glowing and eventually release a fire attack that will come
your way. Anyways, once you shoot him in the head, this will stun Fyrus, giving you the
opportunity to put on your Iron Boots and to grab the chains, he is dragging by his feet, to
knock him to the floor. Once he is downed, quickly take off the Iron Boots and run around to
his face. Slash his head over and over again until he gets back up. Repeat this process until
he dies.

Twilit Aquatic: Morpheel

The Boss of the Lakebed Temple is Morpheel, Which as the name suggests, kind of looks like an
eel. This entire fight will take place underwater, so you will need to have the Zora Tunic
equipped. The first part of this fight will take place on the floor of the temple so you will
need to put on the Iron Boots so you can sink to the bottom depths. Morpheel starts the fight
mostly buried under the sand. All you can see is his tentacles at this stage of the fight. So
to hit him you must use your Clawshot to grab the eye that is swimming around through the
tentacles. Once you have pulled the eye away from the body smack it with your sword. After a
bit, he will send swarms of Bombfish from his mouth to chase after you. You can try to ignore
them or blow them up before continuing. Either way, you will need to repeat the process of
attacking the eye until Morpheel has had enough and emerges from the seabed. This is where you
will realize how he got his name. Morpheel will not really attack you, but will mostly just
swim around the room really quickly. So take off your Iron Boots and swim after and above him.
When you get above Morpheel you will notice a giant eye on the top of his back. Use your
Clawshot to target it and latch on. Once you are latched on attack the eye with your sword
until he knocks you off. Then just repeat this process until he is dead.

Twilit Fossil: Stallord

Once you enter the boss chamber of the Arbiter Grounds, Zant will be there waiting for you
with a giant sword.You may begin to think that you will in fact be fighting Zant, but he will
in fact take his sword and plunge it into a giant skull on the ground. This awakens Stallord.
With Stallord woken you will need to equip your Spinner and start going around the edge of
the room and middle column with Stallord chasing close behind. Whenever he gets right next to
you, ready to knock you down, you will need to jump into him with your Spinner. But be careful
because there will be spiked spinners along the wall as you are going up. If one is in your
path you will need to jump across to the other side. Anyways, once you hit Stallord three
times he will fall to the ground and appear to be dead. You will now need to use your spinner
to drain the sand from the room and make the block in the center of the room rise. Stallord’s
skull will then fly up and knock you to the floor. Use your spinner to go up the column and
avoid his attacks. When you get close to the top jump into his head which will knock him back
to the ground. From there you need to get off the Spinner and attack him with your sword.
Repeat this stage three times or until he is dead.

Twilit Ice Mass: Blizzeta

This may be one of the weirdest bosses of the game. Not so much for how it is fought, but for
how it becomes a boss fight. Once completing everything in the ruins, Yeta will lead you to
the Master Bedroom so you can get the Mirror Shard. However, once she looks into the mirror
she somehow becomes twisted and evil. She will then turn into a giant ice shard and begin
attacking Link. The battle will begin with Blizzeta sliding around the room at you. You must
use your new Ball and Chain to smack the giant ice into smaller pieces. Blizzeta will then
start flying above the floor. At this point several small ice pieces will start spinning
around her and trying to fall into Link. Try to avoid the falling ice by watching their
shadows that reflect on the ground. Once all of the pieces have fallen to the floor they will
begin to rise again to surround Blizzeta. Take this chance to use your Ball and Chain to destroy
some of them before they can get back in the air. The ice spikes will then start to fly
throughout the area and will eventually stop which will give you the chance to get in the
center of the ice circle before they get to the ground. When Blizzeta finally drops take the
opportunity to smack Blizzeta with your Ball and Chain. Once hitting her she will rise back
into the air. Repeat the entire process until she returns to normal.

Twilit Arachnid: Armogohma

Anybody who is a Legend of Zelda fan will recognize this boss as being a variant of Gohma.
However, but this boss is a bit different than previous versions. Like always, Armogohma will
be waiting on the ceiling until you look up and look him in the eye. Once you do so she will
start attacking. Armogohma will open and close its eye. When she opens it she will shoot a
laser your direction unless you shoot her quick enough with an arrow. Once doing so she will
fall to the ground on her back. Once down you need to run to the closest statue and use your
Dominion Rod on it to make it slam down on Armogohma. She will quickly get back up and get
back onto the ceiling and start to drop baby spider eggs which will hatch and attack you.
Repeat this process two more times and she will explode. But this fight is not yet over. Her
eye will start floating around in the midst of the small spiders. Shoot her eye three times
with an arrow and this fight will be over.

Twilit Dragon: Argorok

This boss battle takes place high up in the Sky Temple. Argorok will be airborne for the
majority of this fight so you will be using your Double Clawshot a lot for this boss.
Throughout the battle gusts of wind will try to knock you off the stage so make sure you have
your Iron Boots out so you can quickly weigh yourself down and not get blown back. Start the
match off by clawing your way up to a top pillar. As Argorok is flying below you, target his
tail and shoot it with your Clawshot. Make sure that you have your Iron Boots on when you do
this as the extra weight will cause Argorok’s armor to fall off.
After doing this three times his armor will break off entirely and expose a weak jewel spot on
his back. Peahats will then start to fly around the arena. So claw your way back to the top of
a pillar and then claw over to a Peahat. Argorok will be right behind you so you will need to
claw plant to plant. Argorok will start breathing fire in your direction so if you have to
quickly turn around and start going the other direction.
Keep clawshotting until you end up behind Argorok where you can target his weak spot. Claw
yourself onto his back. Stab the jewel on his back until he falls to the ground. Repeat this until Argorok dies.

Usurper King: Zant

This fight against Zant is by far one of the longest fight in Legend of Zelda History. The
fight starts off in the Palace of Twilight but Zant will teleport himself and you to 6
different locations as the fight progresses.

Forest Temple -The first location Zant will warp you to is the Forest Temple boss room. Zant
will be hovering over the spot where Diababa was when you fought him. Zant will then begin to
shoot fire balls at you. You will need to then equip your Boomerang and target him. Throw the
Boomerang his direction and he will fall into the water. After falling he will run at you and
a crazed manner. Take this opportunity to slash at him. Do this until he teleports you to

Goron Mines – The stage of the fight takes place on the platform in which you fought the mini
-boss of the Goron Mines. Once again you will need to use your Iron Boots to magnetize
yourself to the platform. Zant will be flying around and will try to shoot fire at you and
shake the platform so that you may fall into the lava below. When Zant lands and stops to
catch his breath quickly take off the Iron Boots and run at him so you can get in a few
slashes of your sword. Do this until he warps again.

Lakebed Temple – This part of the fight takes place underwater where you took on Morpheel. So
equip the Zora Armor and your Iron Boots so you will sink to the lake’s floor.
Underwater there will be a gigantic figure of Zant’s helmet which will open and close.
When it opens you need to use your Clawshot and drag Zant out of the helmet statue. Watch out
though because he will fire at you if you are not quick enough. Once pulling him out with the
Clawshot the helmet statue will go away and several smaller ones will appear. Figure out which
one he is hiding in and grab him with your Clawshot again. When he is pulled out use your
sword which will cause helmets to appear around the arena. Find the one that houses Zant,
reel him in and slice him with the sword. A few knocks with the Light Sword and it’s off
to the next stage.

Forest Temple – You will once again be in the Forest Temple, except this time you will be in
the mini-boss room. He will be standing on the various poles throughout the room just as the
Baboon was. So the strategy is pretty much the same as the Forest Temple’s mini-boss.
Roll yourself into whichever pole Zant is standing on and this will eventually cause him to
fall off where you can use your sword on him.

Snowpeak Ruins – The fifth part of this fight will take place in the master bedroom of the
Snowpeak ruins. Zant will now be HUGE so equip your Ball and Chain and wait for Zant to fall
to the ground. Watch where his shadow is and move before he falls on you. Once he has fallen,
smack him with your Ball and Chain and he will shrink to a miniature size. This is your chance
to use your sword on him until he warps for the last time.

Hyrule Castle – The last part of this long boss fight is right outside of the barricaded
Hyrule Castle. Zant will create a magic barrier to constrict your movement some and so he can
try to knock you into it. For this stage of the fight, Zant has three main attacks. First of
all he will basically just run around the area and try to attack you when possible. When he is
doing this take every chance you get to slash him with your sword. Once you do that he will
start attacking you with his second method. In this he will teleport around the area and spin
at you very much like a top. Your shield can block this attack but he will still be able to
push you into the magic barrier if you are not careful. After a moment, Zant will get dizzy
from all the spinning that he has been doing and will stand still in a dazed state. This is
once again your chance to attack. Finally his third attack ks when he will run at you with two
giant swords. Avoid him as much as possible and take care not to hit the magic barrier. He
will use these three attacks at random. So be on the look out and take every chance you can to
attack him. Eventually he will be defeated for good.

Ganon’s Puppet: Zelda

For part one of the final boss fight of the game, Ganondorf will possess Zelda and make her
attack you. Once her body has been overtaken, she will start to float levitate around the room
trying to hit you with one of three different attacks. The first of these is where she will
lunge at you with a sword. This attack is really easy to dodge as you can just roll out of the
way. The second attack happens when a giant glowing triforce appears on the ground. When this
happens, it is your cue to quickly move as it will shortly shock anything standing on it. The
third attack is what many Zelda fans recognize as “lethal tennis” Zelda will shoot a magic
energy ball at you which you must swing back at her. She will reflect it back at you so you
must hit it back. Keep hitting it back until she misses and it hits her. After this happens
three times she will be freed from Ganondorf’s possession.

Dark Beast: Ganon

Ganondorf will then transform into Ganon which as you all know is his Triforce consumed pig
like state. Ganon will mostly be running around the room and warping in and out of portals. So
avoid him when he is running and you should be fine. But when he warps into a portal equip
your Bow and shoot him in his glowing forehead when he comes back out and charges at you.
Shooting him will cause him to fall down and slide across the floor. Avoid him and then
transform into a wolf. Go around to his belly and you will see another glowing weak spot for
you to attack. Do so until he gets back up. After doing this a few times he will change tactics
some. So for this next part you will need to stay in the wolf form. He will again start to
warp around the room. You will need to stand directly in front of him. As he is charging at
you Midna will raise her red hand into the air cuing you to press the “A” button which will
enable you to knock him to the ground. Go around to his belly again and go to town on his weak
spot until he returns to human form.

The Dark Lord: Ganondorf

The first part of this boss fight takes place while you are riding on Epona. Zelda will be
riding with you to help out in this stage of the fight as well. Anyways, Ganondorf will be
riding away from you so you will need to give chase. Target onto him while chasing after and
Zelda will begin aiming Light Arrows at him. Her aim is not great but she will eventually hit
him and when she does he will become slightly stunned but still on his horse. This is your
chance to quickly catch up to him and get close enough to smack him with your sword some.
Throughout this part of the fight, Ganondorf will periodically be sending energy blasts your
way to knock you off your horse and he will be creating phantom ghost riders which will try to
knock you off as well. After Ganondorf is hit a few times from the Light Arrows and your
sword, he will be knocked from his steed and the final stage of the fight will begin.
This stage of the fight is a one on one sword duel between you and your foe Ganondorf.
Throughout this fight he will attack you in a variety of ways. He will lunge at you, warp
behind you to spin attack, and try to knock off your defenses so he can strike you while you
are open. So there are a few strategies to this fight. You can of course try to dodge his
attacks and strike him whenever possible, but that opportunity is very very rare as he almost
never has an opening. Every so often you can roll behind him and get him while he is open but
that is rare as well. The best way is to stand still and let him come to you. When he does
this the word “Chance” will flash on the screen. This will start a button mashing scene where
you two duel up close and personal. If you win this bit Ganondorf will be stunned long enough
for you to strike. Repeat these strategies until he is almost dead. The battle will eventually
end when you plunge your sword deep into his body.