Cracked Crystal Ball Quest

If you visit the Bazaar after defeating The Imprisoned for the second time, you will notice that Sparrot’s fortune telling booth is empty. Ask around at the diner, and you will learn that Sparrot broke his crystal ball.

Go to Sparrot’s house in the eastern section of Skyloft and enter it to find Sparrot moping about the broken orb. Without it, he is unable to see into the future. Offer to find another crystal ball, and he will let you know that his original one was found in a building on a mountain peak. Fi will then set the crystal ball as her dowsing target.

Fly over to the Eldin Province and descend to the entrance of the Earth Temple. Run to the left and use the air geyser to get higher. Clawshot to the target by the temple and examine the large crystal ball. Fi will call over Scrapper to pick up the ball.

Use the nearby bird statue to return to the sky, then fly back to Sparrot’s house. Scrapper will deliver the ball, making Sparrot very happy. He gives you 5 Gratitude Crystals, as well as a discount on fortunes.