Majoras Mask Bottles

This strategy guide will instruct you on finding the bottles in Majora’s Mask. Bottles are handy for transporting a variety of items and storing health recovery fairies. In total there are 6 Majoras Mask Bottles and this guide will walk you through finding each one of them

Majoras Mask Bottles Location One

majoras mask bottles
The first bottle you will  get in Majora’s Mask can be found in Woodfall. After following a stray monkey into the woods, you should come across an injured Koume. She tells you to get a potion from her sister at the Old Hag’s Potion Shop. Exit the Mysterious Woods to get a free Red Potion in a bottle.

Majoras Mask Bottles Location Two

majoras mask bottle locations

After Link has defeated Ghot, he will be able to purchase a Powder Keg. Use the Powder Keg to blow open the door to the Goron Track. Winning this simple race will reward you with a Gold Dust filled bottle.

Majoras Mask Bottles Location Three

majoras mask bottles

Head to the Romani Ranch by 2:30 A.M of the first day. Romani will request you help in stopping an alien invasion of her cow farms. Successfully fighting off the aliens throughout the night will earn her gratitude and a bottle of milk.

Majoras Mask Bottles Location Four

majoras mask bottle locations

To get the fourth bottle, you must complete the Beaver Races. The Beaver Races can be found by the waterfall near Zora Hall. As Zora Link, complete both the Beaver Race Challenges to be rewarded with an empty bottle.

Majoras Mask Bottles Location Five

dampe grave guide bottle

On the third day equip the Captain’s Hat and make the Stalchildren open the grave. Once inside the grave, guide Dampe around so that he will dig up all of the mounds. Once that is done defeat the Poe and you get a bottle.

Majoras Mask Bottles Location Six

majoras mask bottles

While in the process of completing the Anju and Kafei sidequest, take the Express Mail to Madame Aroma in the Milk Bar. She will reward you with a bottle filled with Chateau Romani.