Oracle of Ages Bosses

Pumpkin Head

Description: Pumpkin head, as the name suggests is a gown wearing spirit with a pumpkin head.

Attacks: Pumpkin Head will mostly just wander around the room. However, he will shoot a triple ring spell attack if he comes face to face with Link. Finally, he will also jump into the air and try to land on Link to deal damage.

How to Defeat: Being the first boss of the game Pumpkin Head is not too hard to beat. To hurt him you just need to use your sword on his body. After a few hits his gown will fall to the floor leaving the pumpkin head. You then need to pick up his head to reveal his true form. From here you have two options. You can throw away his head and use your sword on him, or you can throw the pumpkin head on top of him to do even more damage. Repeat this strategy until he is defeated.

Head Thwomp

Description: This is one of the few side scrolling bosses in the Zelda series so it is bound to be unique. Head Thwomp himself is like the Thwomps from the Mario games.

Attacks: Thwomp’s attacks are not very hard to avoid. For the most part he will just shoot fireballs at you.

How to Defeat: To beat Thwomp you will need to climb the ladders to get to the top of the room. Now, his head will constantly be rotating through a series of colours. When his head turns red, you need to toss a bomb into the top of his head. Timing is key here, as if his face is any other colour, he will attack you in some way. Four successful bombs into his red head will leave Head Thwomp defeated.

Shadow Hag

Description: Shadow Hag is a Poe-like enemy that will be Link’s first real challenge.

Attacks: If Link gives eye contact with the Shadow Hag, then she will become invisible and her shadows will begin chasing you around the room. When she is not invisible she will still chase you around the room and will often send swarms of insects your way.

How to Defeat: Since she becomes invisible when facing her, you will have to find another way to deal damage. To do this, you will need to use your seed shooter to bounce a seed off the wall to hit this hag. Repeat this until the Shadow Hag is defeated.


Description: This giant winged eye is quite the foe. But he has several mini winged-eye monsters to help him as well.

Attacks: Eyesoar generally does not have any attacks. The mini-eyesoars will fly around the room at times but besides that this is actually a really easy fight.

How to Defeat: Since the smaller eyesoars will be surrounding Eyesoar you will need to use your SwitchHook or sword to clear a path to them. Once doing so, you need to use your SwitchHook to change positions with Eyesoar. This will cause his tiny minions to scatter around the room. At this point you need to use your sword to slash at him as much as possible. He will eventually recover and you will need to repeat the process until Eyesoar is defeated.


Description: Smog is pretty much a cloud of smoke. How clever!

Attacks: His attacks are very basic. He will shoot fire at you every now and then but for the most part he will only hurt you if Link makes contact.

How to Defeat: This is one of the most puzzling bosses ever in a Zelda game. A lot of it involves some problem solving which makes for an interesting fight. Smog will split up into several smaller copies of himself. To damage Smog you will have to use your Cane of Somaria to create and arrange blocks that will cause his pieces to reunite. Once all of them have reunited then you can use your sword on Smog until he splits again. Once again you will need to use the Cane of Somaria to reunite his pieces and repeat until he is defeated.


Description: Octogon is like the giant Octos from past games in the Zelda series.

Attacks: Octogon will race around the room trying to slam into you. He will also fire rocks at you and cause boulders to fall down towards you. Finally, if underwater with him he will shoot a bubble attack at you.

How to Defeat: Octogon will generally swim around the room at high speeds with his weak spot (his face), pointing away from you. When he goes to fire his rocks at you he will turn around and face you for once. This is when you will need to slash at him with your sword. Every now and then he will dive underwater which will leave you with two options. You can wait above surface for him to come back up which will make him send boulders crashing down at you from the ceiling. Or you can do the easier option and swim under after him. While underwater he will always be facing you which enables you to do get a lot more attacks in. Just keep hitting him until he is defeated.

Veran as Nayru

Description: Nayru has been possessed by Veran and it is now up to you to save her.

Attacks: Veran will teleport around the room. If you get close to her she will teleport away. However if you stay far away she will charge up an energy ball and shoot several smaller spells at you.

How to Defeat: While Veran is charging her energy to dispel at you, you need to use your Seed Shooter and shoot her with a Mystery Seed which Veran just cannot stand. This will stun her and cause Nayru’s body to fall to the ground. While Nayru is downed, Veran’s spirit will be seen floating above Nayru. This is your chance to use your Switch Hook on Veran’s spirit to get her away from Nayru. Once doing so you need to slash at the spirit with your sword. She will eventually repossess Nayru so just repeat this process until she is defeated.


Description: A giant electrified jellyfish

Attacks: Plasmarine is invincible to all weapons as touch him will shock you and do damage. He will also shoot slow energy balls at you

How to Defeat: Since Plasmarine is invincible to all of Link’s weapons you must find another way to defeat this giant foe. Figure it out yet? Well for those who haven’t here’s the secret. When Plasmarine shoots the energy orb at you, you need to use your Long Hookshot and switch places with Plasmarine so his energy ball strikes him instead of you. Just make sure he is not charging his static when you fire your Switch Hook.


Description: A large rock-like foe with a head and 2 arms.

Attacks: During the first part of the fight he will slam down his fists at you. In the second part of the fight he will try to slam his newly spiked hands into you to crush you. He will then begin to fire spells at you and shoot lasers down at you. The last stage of this boss fight is interesting as he will gain giant balls on his arms now. He will try to sling his arms at you.

How to Defeat: