Four Swords Adventures Bosses

phantom ganon

Phantom Ganon

Description: An apparent shadow of Ganon. A purple phantom with a large sword.

How to Defeat: Timing has to be fairly good when defeating this boss. When he fires his energy balls at you, hit them with your sword to repel them back at the Phantom. It’s a game of “Lethal Tennis”. When he finally gets stunned by an energy ball, slash him to deal damage. Repeat the process to defeat him. The second time he appears in the game (After beating Jalhalla), he will have his clones with him. The clones energy balls will just break upon contact with your sword. Focus on the green coloured orbs. Otherwise its the same game of “Lethal Tennis”.

stone arrghus

Stone Arrghus

Description: A stone eye floating in the air, with small rocks all around it for defence.

How to Defeat: The idea is to fall down into one of the holes and use the Cross formation. Use the Boomerang to bring the small stones to you and dispatch them. When all the small stones are gone, the eye should turn red, almost like its bloodshot. Avoid its shockwave attacks and slash it with your sword at every opportunity. Again repeat and you will finish it off.

big dodongo

Big Dodongo

Description: It is a lizard/dinosaur like creature that is blue and significantly larger than its brethren.

How to Defeat: You should have obtained the Level 2 Bombs. The idea is the same as the smaller Dodongos. Throw bombs into the Dodongo’s mouth when it inhales. The Level 1 Bombs will not do any damage to the Big Dodongo, must use Level 2 Bombs. Eventually, when enough bombs have exploded within it, the Big Dodongo will explode.



Description: Giant Poe

How to Defeat: To get this transparent guy fully visible, light is the key. An effective way is to split up the Links’ and get them on the switches to keep the torches lit. Attack it whenever it goes near a lit torch with your sword. Every time you hit it, it will release smaller enemies, which you can avoid easily. Jalhalla will eventually get smaller and be defeated this time. You will have to face him again soon, use the same tactics.



Description: A huge Moldorm

How to Defeat: Like in all other Zelda games, the tail is its weak spot. Only this time, the tail has a colour that will change every time it gets hit. Use the respective coloured Link to attack its tail. After so many hits the tail will split in order to try and make it more difficult. Do the same thing when it had only one tail and he should be defeated with ease. Moldorm will only bounce off the walls and not directly attack you so avoid getting hit by its head and body



Description: A big eye encased in ice, hanging form the ceiling.

How to Defeat: Any attacks made by you will be deflected by Frostare as it has its ice to use as a shield. Go a room on the right to obtain Roc’s Feather. In the top room, it contains Frostare’s root, sever it. Now Frostare will fly around the room now so use Roc’s Feather to hit it in mid-flight and knock it down and slash it. It will explode when it has been delt enough damage. For the duration of the time Frostare is attached to the ceiling, its only attack will be to spawn larvae which can be easily dispatched of using Four Sword or Fire Rod.



Description: A huge floating eye.

How to Defeat: The battle starts with Vaati on top of a whirlwind. Avoid getting sucked up in it. There are bomb flowers around the edge of the arena so pick one up and time it so when you throw it into the whirlwind, it explodes on Vaati. Do this a few times then the whirlwind will disappear and Vaati will now be on the ground sending out dark energy. Now there is a pit in the center that contains a cannon. Use to be shot upwards and use a downward stab to damage Vaati. He will then retreat. He will be vulnerable to normal sword slashes now but he is more vicious with his attacks as he will rush you and shoot more dark energy at you. Hit him with your sword until he is destroyed.



Description: The evil pig like beast, wielding the trident, that is Ganon.

How to Defeat: Ganon will teleport around the room, brandishing his trident. Hit him with your sword. Sometimes Ganon will send lightning down to send you to the Dark World. Defeat the enemies there and you will be returned to the arena. When it gets roughly halfway through the fight, Ganon will now teleport you in front of him so he can throw his trident, much like a boomerang. Make sure it doesn’t hit as you will fly accross the room. Eventually Zelda will give you the Level 2 Hero’s Bow, fully outfitted with Light Arrows. Then it’s “Lethal Tennis” time again. Reflect the energy back at him. Zelda will fire an energy ball at Ganon and it will trap him. The finishing blow has to be made by charging up a Light Arrow and firing it through the light ball into Ganon. Well done, game beaten.