Phantom Hourglass Heart Container Locations

Unlike most Legend of Zelda titles, Phantom Hourglass does not have heart pieces. Instead Link collects Heart Containers which adds a full additional heart to Link’s health meter. In total there are 16 total hearts that can be obtained. Some are acquired by defeating the game’s bosses and others are obtained through a variety of tasks.

Of the 16 total Hearts Link starts the game with 3 leaving 13 to be collected throughout the game. Out of these 13 there are 7 more which are collected after defeating the game’s bosses.  This guide will take you through finding the remaining 6.

  • The first heart container can be found by completing the Romantic Fishing side-quest. To complete this quest head to Bannan Island which is located in the Northwest coordinate of the sea. Go through a series of fishing quests assigned by the Old Wayfarer and you will receive a heart container.
  • In the Northwest corner of the sea is a traveling ship that goes by the”Prince of Red Lions.” Play the owner’s mini-game and you will win a heart container.
  • With the Sun Key in hand, head to Molina Island and play the Bow Shooting Range game. If you score 2000 points you will get another heart container.
  • In the…you guessed it…Northwestern part of the sea there is a mini-game on Maze Island. Complete the Beginner, Normal, and Expert mode of the game to get a heart container.
  • A heart container can be bought from Beedle in his Masked Shop for the low price of 1500 Rupees.
  • This last heart container can also be purchased from the teepee shop at Mercay Island. You will first have to buy the Bombchu Bag.