The Legend of Zelda Items

Wooden Sword

zelda wooden sword
To get the Wooden Sword enter the cave that is in the same screen that you start in. Talk to the Old Man and he will give it to you.

White Sword

zelda white sword

The white sword is located inside a waterfall in the Lost Hills. To get it you must have at least five heart containers.

Magic Sword

zelda magical sword

The magic sword is located at the graveyard underneath a headstone in the far North West section of the place. Push the headstones until one moves. (The headstones that don’t contain the Magical Sword releases a Ghini when you push on them) Inside there will be an Old Man that will give you the sword. You should have enough hearts by the time you are on Level Five if you get the other hearts not located inside of dungeons. The sword is 4X times as powerful as your original Wooden Sword. The Magical Sword also holds the key to defeating Ganon.

Bow and Arrow

The Bow and Arrows are found in the basement of the first dungeon. The Bow and Arrows can be used to shoot at enemies from a distance. Some enemies also can’t be killed by anything else. Each shot of the bow costs you one rupee so make sure you always have enough money with you in cases where it will be needed. The Bow and Arrows cannot be used used until you purchase a quiver from a merchant.
Later in the game you come across the Silver Arrows which are needed to destroy Ganon.


The boomerang is used to stun enemies and grag items from far away. It can destroy small enemies but isn’t very effective against large ones.
Later in the game you get a stronger boomerang that you can throw farther.

Power Bracelet

The Power Bracelet is used to lift heavy objects. It is found under an Armose.

Magic Wand

The Magic Wand shoots a spell out when swung. Later after acquiring the Book of Magic the Magic Wand expels fire.

Magic Book

The Magic Book enables the Magic Wand to expel fire.

Blue Candle

The Blue Candle can be used to lit dark rooms and to burn through small bushes. It can only be used once in a room. It can be purchased in shops for 80 Rupees.

Red Candle

The Red Candle is an upgraded form of the Blue Candle. It can do the same things but it can also be used repeatedly in a room.


The Ladder can be used to cross small gaps like small streams and a hole in the floor.


The Raft is used to cross seas and other large bodies of water.


The Flute is used to break Digdogger’s protective shield and to open up a hidden dungeon.


Bombs are used to break holes into weak walls and to defeat some stronger enemies like Dodongo.


Rupees are the currency of Hyrule. You can use them to buy various things from merchants throughout Hyrule. Yellow ones are worth one Rupee and Blue ones are woth five Rupees. You can hold up to 255 Rupees at a time so spend them wisely.


Potions are used to replenish your health when you become weak. There are two types of potions one that can only be used once and one that can be used twice.


The Meat is used to make a hungry Moblin move out of your way so that you can continue on your quest.


Small hearts replenish some of your health meter. The large hearts adds a heart to your health meter. You get one after defeating each dungeon boss and there are some hidden throughout Hyrule.

Blue Ring

The Blue Ring decreases the damage that you take by about half.

Red Ring

The Red Ring decreases the damage that you take by about half of the Blue Ring.


Catch a fairy and your health meter will be restored greatly. There are also Fairy Fountains that will restore your health completely.


A small key allows you to open a locked door in any dungeon. You can also buy them from merchants if you run out and can’t find one for 100 Rupees. A Magic Key can open a door over and over again. After acquiring the Magic Key you will no longer need small keys.


After finding the dungeon map you can see the areas that you have already been to. The room with the Triforce begins to blink after you acquire the dungeon compass.


The Compass shows you where the hidden triforce shard is at.


A clock freezes all of the enemies in the room allowing you to kill them easily without the risk of losing health.