Wind Waker Beedle’s Ship Shops

This guide points out the location of all of Beedle’s Ship Shops in the Wind Waker. Each location is broken down with the island his shop can be found by and the coordinate of that island.

Then this guide will list the items for sale in each shop and how much each item costs.

Island NameCoordinateItems for Sale
Spectacle Island(C,2)Hyoi Pear/All purpose Bait/30 Bombs
Windfall Island(D,2)10 Arrows/All purpose Bait/10 Arrows
Pawprint Isle(E,2)Hyoi Pear/All purpose Bait/30 Bombs
Dragon Roost Island(F,2)Hyoi Pear/All purpose Bait/30 Bombs
Rock Spire Isle(B,3)***Empty Bottle/Piece of Heart/Treasure Chart #4
Greatfish Isle(B,4)Red Potion/30 Arrows/30 Bombs
Tower of the Gods(E,4)Red Potion/30 Arrows/30 Bombs
Eastern Triangle Island(F,4)Hyoi Pear/All purpose Bait/30 Bombs
Southern Triangle Island(D,5)Hyoi Pear/All purpose Bait/30 Bombs
Shark Island(C,6)Red Potion/30 Arrows/30 Bombs
Forest Haven(F,6)Hyoi Pear/All purpose Bait/30 Bombs
Outset Island(B,7)Hyoi Pear/All purpose Bait/30 Bombs
Hyoi Pear10 Rupees
All-Purpose Bait10 Rupees
30 Bombs30 Rupees
10 Arrows10 Rupees
30 Arrows30 Rupees
Red Potion30 Rupees
Empty Bottle500 Rupees
Piece of Heart950 Rupees
Treasure Chart #4900 Rupees

*** After you buy the Empty Bottle, the Piece of Heart,
and Treasure Chart #4 from the Beedle’s Shop Ship of Rock Spire
Isle he will then sell 30 bombs, 30 arrows,
and a red potion.