Minish Cap Bosses

Name: Giant Green Chu Chu
Location: Deepwood Shrine
Items Needed: Gust Jar/Sword

When you enter the boss room a Chu Chu will appear. Since you are shrunk down to Minish Size the Chu Chu appears to be extremely large. Still it is a really easy boss and he shouldn’t be much of a problem at all. First of all equip your sword and gust jar. Then use the gust jar to suck away jelly from his bottom half. Once too much jelly has been sucked away the giant Chu Chu becomes unbalanced and beings to topple over. Get out of the way or you will be squished. Then proceed to slash him with your sword until he regains his balance and gets back up. Repeat this process about three times until he is dead.

Name: Gleerok
Location: Cave of Flames
Items Needed: Cane of Pacci/Sword
Once again this boss is really easy and shouldn’t be much of a problem. He attacks in a rotating circle pattern shooting flames at you. Run the opposite direction he is attacking in and when you get a clear shot of his hard shell shoot it with a blast from your Cane of Pacci. Gleerok will fall over and you can run across his neck to slash his crystal with your sword. Repeat the process until he is dead. If you ever find yourself trapped by flames use the Gust Jar to blow out the fire.

Name: Mazaal
Location: Fortress of Winds
Items Needed: Bow and Arrow/Sword/Mole Mits
To defeat Mazaal you must first shoot both of Mazaal’s hands with an arrow. After hitting both hands continuously slash Mazaal in the eye. Then shrink down using one of the Minish portals and enter his head. Once inside slash away at the flashing pillar giving him support. You will be sent out of Mazaal’s head and you must then repeat the process except the now there is sand inside covering the pillars so you must dig to find out which pillar to slash.

Name: Big Octorok
Location: Temple of Droplets
Items Needed: Shield/Sword/Pegasus Boots/Flame Lantern
To begin the battle you must deflect his rocks back at him with your shield. After deflecting three rocks back his way the giant octoroc will be stunned. Use your Pegasus Boots to run behind him and then use the Flame Lantern to catch his flower tail on fire. After this is done three times the boss will be defeated.

Name: Gyorg Pair
Location: Up in the Sky
Items Needed: Roc’s Cape/Sword
The battle starts off on top of the Blue Gyorg and you must slash his four eyes until the Red Gyorg appears and then you must jump over to him and use your Four Sword ability to slash his eyes over and over again. Then you must jump back to the Blue Gyorg and repeath the process several times until both Gyorgs are dead.

Name: Vaati Sorcerer Form
Location: Hyrule Castle
Items Needed: Sword/Gust Jar
Vaati will warp around the room attacking you with force orbs, fire, and a laser. Avoid this and slash the eyes that surrond him. After all the eyes are defeated Vaati will expose an eye on his torso. Slash away at until the eye closes. Now Vaati will begin to create more eyes that surrond him. Keep destroying them and repeat the process. The weaker Vaati gets the more eyes he creates to surrond him. Eventually the eyes will have a protective shield which can be destroyed by blowing then off with the gust jar. Repeat process until the first stage of Vaati is defeated.

Name: Vaati Wind Mage Form
Location: Hyrule Castle
Items Needed: Sword/Bow and Arrow
Use your bow to uncover the four red eyes of Vaati. Then use the portals at the Southern part of the room to activate your Four Sword ability. Take the formation needed to slash at all four of the eyes at once. Once this is done all of the eyes will dissapear and you must repeatedly slash the exposed Vaati over and over. Repeat the process until the second stage of Vaati is defeated.

Name: Vaati Final Form
Location: Hyrule Castle
Items Needed: Sword/Cane of Pacci
When the final form of Vaati strikes his claw into the ground flip it over with your Cane of Pacci. Shrink down by using one of the Minish Portals and enter the claw. Inside yu will see several eyes. Find the one that is not looking outward and slash it until it is destroyed. If neccesary you may have to enter the same claw a couple of times to defeat the eye. Then repeat the proccess on the other claw, but there is a catch this time. Inside the second claw there is no light at all so you must use your Flame Lantern and use its light to search out and destory the second eye. Once both claws are gone you must avoid Vaati’s lasers and use the Four Sword ability to slash the beams back at him leaving him open to all attacks. Slash him as many times as possible and repeat until Vaati is defeated and all of Hyrule is saved once again!!!!!!!!!