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Shadows of the Deity

Today, I find myself with another one of my crackpot theories about a question that’s been pounding at my conscience for some time now. Was the Fierce Deity, whose...

Character Concepts: Prince Arion

Prince Arion Age: 24 Race: Gerudo Allegiance: Kingdom of Hyrule Bio: Orphaned at birth and discovered by Impa in a merchant town on the outskirts of Gerudo Desert, Arion...

Character Concepts: Princess Zelda

Oh hai all, Zach here!  While production of our Zelda webcomic is currently underway with the story writing and art, I’d like to share with you all the concept...

Beedle’s Shop: Amiibo Collection

OHHHHH! A customer! Welcome to Beedle’s Shop! I deal in pretty much anything and everything! Despite these dangerous times, you’ll find me traveling all over Hyrule to fulfill your...

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Shadows of the Deity

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Beedle’s Shop: Amiibo Collection

Inside “The Hidden Triforce”