Skyward Sword Heart Pieces

Skyward Sword Heart PiecesHidden throughout Skyloft and the surface are 24 pieces of heart. Skyward Sword is a much tougher game and finding these heart pieces may be vital to your success. This comprehensive Skyward Sword heart piece locations guide will walk you through finding these 24 pieces of heart.

The second Hero Quest playthrough of Skyward Sword is much harder. In this version of the game there is minimal amounts of health to be found so collecting all of the Skyward Sword heart pieces is vital to your success.

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Skyward Sword Heart Pieces

Goddess Cube Heart Pieces

If you activate the Goddess Cube right outside of the Skyview Temple a chest will appear on a tiny island south of Skyloft. Inside is a heart piece.

skyward sword heart pieces

Outside the gate to the Temple of Time is a mine cart. You may recall that a robot was blocking its path earlier. You will need to strike its respective timeshift stone and while you are riding in the cart, charge up a Skyward Strike and activate a Goddess Cube that is along side the left of the rails. After doing so a chest on Beedle’s Island will activate.
After reaching the top of the Great Tree in Faron Woods you will be able to jump off a ledge and land on a platform to the northeast. On that platform is a Goddess Cube.

legend of zelda skyward sword heart pieces
After the pirate stronghold has been opened you will be able to exit and turn around. You should then see a clawshot target. Hook your way up and you will find a Goddess Cube.
heart pieces
Inside of the Volcano Summit there is a path that leads to an outside waterfall. By this water source there is also a cliff which you can drop off. You will need to glide your way around a far pillar to land on a small structure with a Goddess Cube on it.
skyward sword heart pieces

Faron Woods Heart Pieces

The large central tree in the northern part of the Faron Woods has a lot of roots coming out of it. One of those roots will lead to a rope that you can use to reach a heart piece.

skyward sword heart pieces

To get this heart piece you will need to take the exit from the Sealed Grounds to the Faron Woods. Gorko, the Goron, will give you a heart piece for showing him how to draw things on the Goddess Wall.

zelda skyward sword heart piece locations

There is a path near the entrance to the Sealed Grounds where you will find a wall that can be bombed. Plant a Bomb Flower there and a heart piece will be hidden inside.

ss heart pieces

Skyview Temple Heart Pieces

After defeating the mini-boss, and getting the Beedle, you will be able to use the item to hit a switch that is high up in the structure. Doing so will open the gate on the outside where a heart piece is.

legend of zelda skyward sword heart pieces

Pumpkin Landing Heart Pieces

Inside of the pub on the Pumpkin Landing there is a heart piece that you can see high up on the ceiling. Head upstairs and roll into the rafters to make it fall to the floor.

skyward sword heart piece rafters

If you complete all the tasks that the Lumpy Pumpkin Owner assigns you then he will reward you with a heart piece.

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Skyloft Heart Pieces

If you collect 10 Gratitude Crystals than Batreaux will give you a heart piece.

skyward sword gratitude crystal heart pieces

If you go into Karane’s room you will be able to see into Zelda’s room through a crack in the wall. If you look through you will notice a heart piece.  To get this piece of heart you will need to climb onto the roof of the Knight Academy and then clawshot onto the chimney. Drop down and you will land in a bath. From here crawl through the small passage and down into Zelda’s room. Inside her chest is a heart piece.

ss heart piece locations

You can purchase a heart piece from Beedle’s Shop for the low price of 1600 Rupees.

skyward sword heart pieces


After completing Fledge’s Workout Quest you will be able to find him in the pumpkin patch on Skyloft. Play his Pumpkin Pull game and score 600 points to get a piece of heart.

fledge pull heart piece

Remember that long land slide on Eldin Volcano? Well you will need to head there to get this piece of heart. Take the slide and aim to the left. There is a platform you can land on with a dig spot. Below that is another platform with a Goddess Cube. Strike it and a chest will appear in the center of Skyloft. You will need to be able to dive underwater to get to the chest though.

skyward sword heart piece locations

Eldin Volcano Heart Pieces

There is a heart piece on a platform in Eldin Volcano. However it is blocked off by a pile of rocks. You can get to this by using a Bomb Flower on the rocks. You will then be able to get to the path and simply drop right down and grab the piece of heart.

skyward sword heart locations

Fun Fun Island Heart Pieces

Once you fix the Fun Fun Island you will be able to partake in a game called Dodoh’s Drop. If you get a perfect score you will get a piece of heart.

fun fun island heart piece

Lanayru Desert Heart Pieces

In the northeast of Lanayru Desert there is a wall that can be bombed. Blow it up and take the long  path to find a chest at the end. Inside is a piece of heart.

lanayru heart pieces

Sandship Heart Pieces

Make your way through the crows nest and head to the back of the ship. From there you can use your clawshot to reach a target and drop to the back of the ship. There you will find a chest with a heart piece inside.

sand ship heart pieces

Shipyard Heart Pieces

After clearing the Sandship dungeon you can return to the Shipyard and played the Rickety Coaster game.  If you can clear the expert course in 65 seconds you will be rewarded with a piece of heart.

skyward sword heart piece

Fire Sanctuary Heart Pieces

After getting the Mogma Mitts you will find a dig spot by the river of lava. If you manage to catch the Mogma in the tunnel then he will give you a heart piece.

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Volcano Summit Heart Pieces

In front of the Fire Sanctuary entrance there is a wall you can draw on with your sword and several dig spots. Dig underground and when you come up on the other side you will find a passage with a chest. Inside is a heart piece.

skyward sword heart pieces

Lanyru Gorge Heart Pieces

Once you revive the Thunder Dragon you can play the Boss Rush Mode. If you clear 4 bosses in a row you can quit and win a piece of heart.

ss heart piece locations

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