Link to the Past Bottles

Link to the Past BottlesThis strategy guide will teach you how to find the Link to the Past Bottles. Bottles in A Link to the Past are used for storing a variety of things. In A Link to the Past there are a total of 4 bottles to be found.

Each bottle is great for keeping a stray fairy backed up just in case you get downed.  Three of the four bottles are really easy to locate so this quest should be one of the first to do when starting the game.

Link to the Past Bottles

Kakariko Village Bottle

Link to the Past Bottles
Location: Kakariko Village
You can purchase a bottle from the salesman in the middle of Kakariko Village for 100 Rupees.
Kakariko Village Cavern Bottle
Location: Kakariko Village Cavern
Enter North end of a tavern in Kakariko Graveyard to find a bottle in a chest.
Bottle Under the Bridge
Location: South of East Palace
Swim under bridge south of the East Palace. There a man will give you a bottle for free.
Bottle in Treasure Chest
Location: Dark World/ Light World
Take treasure chest that you find in the Dark World where the Swordsmith’s shop would normally be. Warp back to the Light World and take the treasure chest to the man in the Desert of Mystery entrance. He will open it for you and a bottle will be inside.

Thanks for using our guide. You should now have all 4 Link to the Past Bottles.