How to get Biggoron Sword

How to get Biggoron Sword

This guide provides you with the steps necessary to obtain the strongest sword in the game, Biggoron’s Sword. It is a two-handed sword, so you cannot use your shield when it is equipped. However, it deals twice as much damage as the Master Sword, making it a very powerful weapon. You can also buy Giant’s Knives from Medigoron for 200 rupees. These are the same as Biggoron’s Sword except for the fact that they break after a few hits. When broken, one is comparable to a two-handed Kokiri Sword.

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You must have:

  • Epona
  • Freed King Zora from the Red Ice

NOTE: Any directions given are for the standard version of Ocarina of Time. If you are playing Master Quest, the directions are reversed.

Pocket Egg

Speak with the Cucco Lady in Kakariko Village. She will tell you about a new type of Cucco she is breeding, the Pocket Cucco. Since you look like a good Cucco handler, she will give you a Pocket Egg. Note that she says that Cuccos like to wake people up, especially lazy people.

Pocket Cucco

Wait for a day to pass or play the Sun’s song twice to move to the next day and cause the Pocket Egg to hatch into a Pocket Cucco.


Head into the house by the bottom of the stairs in Kakariko Village to find Talon sleeping on the bed. Use the Pocket Cucco on him to wake him up. Now, return to the Cucco Lady and show her your happy Pocket Cucco. She will praise your Cucco raising abilities and offer you a rare, blue Cucco named Cojiro.

Odd Mushroom

Cojiro used to belong to the Cucco Lady’s brother, but he is now gone. Head to the Lost Woods and take the first left to find Grog. He is surprised that you were able to tame Cojiro and takes that to mean that you are a nice guy. He then asks you to take the Odd Mushroom to the old hag in the Potion Shop.

Odd Potion

You have three minutes to deliver the Odd Mushroom, and you are not allowed to warp. Enter Hyrule Field and use Epona to reach Kakariko Village quickly. Near the path to Death Mountain, enter the Potion Shop (it has a picture of a potion above the door). Head through the passage to the left of the counter, and you will be back outside. Jump down, run up the stairs, and enter the door to find the secret potion shop. Talk to the old hag, then give her the Odd Mushroom. She will then make the Odd Potion for Grog.

Poacher’s Saw

Return to the Lost Woods to find that Grog is gone, and a Kokiri girl is in his place. She will explain that Grog, like everybody who stays in the Lost Woods for too long, has turned into a Stalfos. She then demands that you give her the Odd Potion since it was originally from the forest. In return, she will give you the Poacher’s Saw that Grog left behind.

Broken Biggoron’s Sword

Go to the Gerudo Valley and head across the bridge (if you have not yet fixed it, jump the gap on Epona or use your Longshot). Give the man outside of the tent the Poacher’s Saw and he will give you Biggoron’s Sword! The only problem is, it’s broken.


Take the sword to Biggoron on top of Death Mountain. He says that he can fix it, but his eyes are currently irritated because of the earlier eruption. He then mentions that there are fine eyedrops in Zora’s Domain and gives you the Prescription so that you can get them from King Zora.

Eyeball Frog

Take the Prescription to King Zora and he will explain that he does not have the eyedrops, but he does have the ingredients. If you take them to the doctor at the Lakeside Laboratory, he can make the eyedrops for you. He will then give you the Eyeball Frog. You have three minutes to deliver it before it spoils.

World’s Finest Eyedrops

Quickly run out of Zora’s Domain, then exit to Hyrule Field. The fastest way to reach Hyrule Field is to jump into the water and follow it to the end. Hop onto Epona, ride to Lake Hylia, and enter the Lakeside Laboratory. The doctor will be excited to receive the Eyeball Frog because he has not been able to find the delicacy since Zora’s Domain froze. However, once he realizes that you want him to make eyedrops with it, he reluctantly agrees, making you the World’s Finest Eyedrops. They do not have any preservatives, so you must take them to Biggoron within four minutes.

Claim Check

There are multiple methods for reaching the top of Death Mountain within the time limit. Once you are there, give Biggoron the Eyedrops. He will then begin making a sword for you and will give you the Claim Check so that you do not forget that he is making the sword. I think that the first method is the easiest because it leaves you with a lot of time, and you do not have to travel back and forth in time to prepare for it.

  1. Requirements: Passage between Lost Woods and Goron City open
    Get back on Epona and ride to the Kokiri Forest entrance. Then run to the Lost Woods and find the entrance to the passage to Goron City (turn right then left). Enter Death Mountain Crater through the passage behind the statue in Darunia’s lair. Turn right, cross the bridge, jump the gap, climb the ladder, and exit to the top of Death Mountain.
  2. Requirements: None
    Ride Epona to Kakariko Village. Enter the Death Mountain Trail and climb to the top of Death Mountain. Be warned that this method leaves little time for mistakes.
  3. Requirements: Magic Bean planted at the entrance to Dodongo’s Cavern
    This is basically the same as method 2, but instead of climbing the entirety of Death Mountain, you can use the Magic Bean plant to ride to the area that once dropped flaming rocks. This allows you to save some time and be a little less careful.

How to get Biggoron Sword

Wait for three days or use the Sun’s Song to advance quickly. Talk to Biggoron once more, and he will give you the reward for completing this trade sequence, Biggoron’s Sword.