Majora’s Mask Swamp Spider House Guide

There are actually two spider houses in this game; there is one in the swamp and one at Great Bay. The Swamp Spider House is in the middle of Southern Swamp. The area it’s in is more familiar from above – you had gone right over it as Deku Link on your way to Woodfall Temple. To get in here, you either need a Deku Stick that you can light on a torch by the entrance, or you can come here after getting the Fire Arrows. You will need a bottle of spring water, a magic bean, and some bugs (three bottles of bugs total) to complete this, but if you can’t get any in any other place, you can snag some at the entrance.

Now with these spider houses, you really have to everything done on the first day. You get the Mask of Truth for clearing this out, which will come very much in handy for a few different things. There are thirty spiders in each house, and it’s a race against the clock. With that said, let’s get started.


For the first Skulltula, you’re going to turn left as soon as you enter the room beyond the entrance chamber – we’ll just call it the main hall. Drop off the entry ledge, and smash the nearby jars to find the first Skulltula Token.


Skulltula two is just hanging around the central water pool. Take him out and move on


Number three is crawling on the pillar to the east of the central gold pillar. It’s on the north side. Use the Hero’s Bow or Hookshot to hit it when it’s up high, or you can wait for it to come down as an alternative.


Skulltula four is inside of a patch of soft soil on east wall. Open a bottle of bugs near the wall and they’ll make their way in. The Skulltula will pop out; dispose of it as you please.


The fifth Skulltula is in a soil patch on the west wall. Let out some more bugs and you’ll just do the exact same thing as you did a moment ago.


Skulltula number six is going to be through the nearby door (still on the west wall.) You’ll end up in a small room with a giant stone tablet in the middle. If you stand behind the tablet and take out the Hookshot, you’re going to want to scan the west wall for a Skulltula. Destroy it with the Hookshot, and then use the Hookshot one more time to get the token.


Numbers seven and eight are in the same room. You just roll into the crates to find both of them. Dispatch them and take the tokens they leave behind.


The ninth Skulltula is also in the room; you need to climb the ladder that’s in this same room. The Skulltula is crawling on top of the tablet. Use the Hookshot again and the token is yours.


Skulltula ten is up on the balcony of this same room, hanging out right behind the torch that’s near the door. This one is an easy grab, and then you’re a third of the way done!


Exit the tablet room through the upper east door to go back to the main hall. You are now on the upper balcony of this room. Turn left and run up to the north end of the balcony to find Skulltula number eleven. Smack it and take the token.


If you take out your Hookshot and look upward, you’ll find the twelfth Skulltula just moseying around on the north wall. Take him out and get the token.


Skulltula number thirteen is on the eastern balcony. Put on your Deku Mask and fly over there with the Deku Flower. Now head towards some jars on the south wall and break them to reveal a small dirt patch on the wall. You’ll use your last bugs to get another Skulltula out of this dirt patch. Take him out and grab the token! You know the drill by now.


The fourteenth and fifteenth Skulltulas is in another room. Head through the east door on the upper ledge to end up on a high platform in the eastern room. You’ll need to use your Hookshot to hit the beehives that are hanging from the ceiling. You’ll net two Skulltulas from doing this. (You may also end up with some bees coming at you in doing this – just be careful! Even if you get knocked down to the floor, you can still reach the hives.)


The sixteenth Skulltula is in the small jars in the room – smash them and the Skulltula.


The seventeeth and eighteenth Skulltulas are in the large jars in the room. Roll into these jars and the Skulltulas will pop out.


Skulltula number nineteen is near a Deku Scrub in this same room. (He’s asleep – we’ll come back to him.) Cut the thick vines on a wall nearby to find a tunnel. If you head through this tunnel, you’ll find your target.


Number twenty is back with the napping Deku Scrub. Take out your Ocarina of Time near him and play the Sonata of Awakening. This wakes him up and he leaves, allowing you to use the Flower he was in. Use that flower to launch up and land on a nearby ledge. Then use your Hookshot to take out the Skulltula on the nearby north wall. Use it again to nab the token.


We are now two thirds done! Almost there. Head through the nearby door to end up in a golden colored room. Strike a nearby crystal switch to cause a ladder to appear. Don’t jump down – just use the Hookshot to destroy the Skulltula that crawls on the ladder – number twenty one is done.


Twenty two is easy enough to get – simply move to the balcony’s other end and you’ll see a Skulltula crawling up and down the nearby pillar. Slay it and take the token.


If you look up in this same room, you’ll see more beehives – I’m sure you know the drill from here. Knock them down with the Hookshot and you’ll get another Skulltula to kill. Now you can jump down, to take him out. That is number twenty three down.


Take a quick detour if you need to so you can get some spring water from the main hall. Back in the gold room, climb the ladder of your left to reach the west ledge. Don’t use the water on the soft soil patch up here just yet – look up at the north wall instead. Use your Hookshot to defeat Skulltula number twenty four that is hanging on the wall.


Now use the magic bean that you have on the ledge’s soil patch. Water it and hop on the leaf platform that grows. Ride over to the room’s north passage, and head through the door at the passage’s end to get into the final room. In this room, you’ll find a big tree and some grass on the ground… What makes this easiest is if you put on your Deku Mask and spin around the room. There are two Skulltulas – the twenty fifth and twenty sixth ones – crawling around in the grass. The spinning takes out the search element, and it kills them. It’s a two-for-one!


Skulltulas number twenty seven, twenty eight, and twenty nine are in the central tree in this room. If you roll into this tree, you’re going to see all three fall down. If any land in the grass, feel free to put the Deku Mask back on and do the spin around that you just did.


Our thirtieth and last Skulltula is in a beehive near the room’s ceiling. Just look up and knock it down. Take the Skulltula out, and you are done! Head back to the entrance and you’ll see that the in place of the grotesque spider, there is now a man: a man with a mask.