A Link to the Past Warp Portals

Throughout Hyrule there are several warp locations in A Link to the Past that will serve as natural links to the Dark World. Knowing where these portals are will be vital to your adventure.

1. After defeating Agahnim an entrance will appear at the Hyrule Castle Entrance.

2. The next Dark World warp point is near the top of Death Mountain. This warp point will take Link to the Tower of Hera.

3. The third warp portal is north of the Kakariko Village. Take the middle exit to the north. It is the exit that takes you to the large every rock. Move that out of the way and then throw the small rock and the portal will appear.

4. To the south of the Eastern Palace is a rock in the middle of a bunch of stakes. Use your hammer to knock down the pegs and then lift the small rock to reveal the rock.

5. Southwest of Link’s house is another warp point. Once again use your hammer on the pegs and lift the rock to reveal the warp location.

6. At the Pond of Happiness entrance is a heavy little rock. Pick it up and you will find the warp spot.

7. Use your flute to warp to a southwest location. When there pick up the small heavy rock to reveal a warp tile.

8. Go across the bridge on top of the Death Mountain and head down to a small heavy rock. Pick it up and find your warp location.

9. On the top of Turtle Rock is another warp point. To reveal its location you must hammer the right, the top, and then the left stake.