Skyward Sword Bosses

Welcome to our Skyward Sword Bosses Strategy guide page. This page is filed with detailed information on how to defeat the Zelda Skyward Sword Bosses. In Skyward Sword, the bosses take on a different role than past entries to the series. Prior to this game, each bosses strategy relied on the dungeon’s newly acquired item. In Skyward Sword the strategy is often based on using the Wii Motion Plus to control Link’s sword in a unique manner.

Skyward Sword Bosses

Demon Lord – Ghirahim

Now you know the truth about what happened to Zelda. Seems like this man named Ghirahim is the one who planned the tornado and is currently trying to get Zelda. Despite having a somewhat slender body and looking fragile, Ghirahim is a force to be reckoned with.

Ghirahim will start the battle using nothing but his right hand. With this hand, it’ll be cloaked in some sort of magic that allows him to block you sword attack and grip the Goddess Sword. Shake the Wii Remote to break free. If you don’t break free, Ghirahim will steal your sword from you and use it against you. Use your shield to deflect the sword attack and he’ll drop it. Proceed to try and hit him without getting your sword stolen. Eventually a scene will play and Ghirahim will lick his lips and decide to attack you with his own sword.

Changing tactics, Ghirahim now will attack and charge you with his sword. As well, he will snap his fingers and have diamond shaped objects strike at you. When he charges, block with your shield or try and dodge him if your shield is about to break. When he forms the diamonds, block with your shield, or slice them with your sword. Attack him with your Goddess Sword while he dodges and warps around the room. Continue enough and Ghirahim will quit and disappear and you’ll collect a Heart Container.

Pyroclastic Fiend Scaldera

Scaldera is a molten lava beast with long legs making act like some sort of insect. It is covered in cooled igneous rock. You will be chased down a narrow passageway with Scaldera chasing you shooting fireballs and trying to run you over. Avoid the fireballs and the beast itself, dash if you need to, and then throw a bomb when Scaldera inhales to breathe flame at you. This will blow off any of the rock covering its weakpoint: the eye. Use this moment to strike its eye. The eye will move to avoid being stuck so strike at it using your Motionplus skills to kill it.

Thousand-Year Arachnid Moldarach

Ah! The boss from the E3 demo! Shouldn’t be too hard… right?

Moldarach is a giant adult scopion-like menace which has been living for thousand years at the Lanayru Mining Facility. It has two giant pincers with large eyes on them. Those eyes are its first weakpoints. The claws will move around and you’ll need to use your Motionplus skills to move and cut them horizontally or diagonally depending if they are verticle or horizontal; if its claws are horizontal, slice vertically. However, don’t get too close because it will grab you with its pincers when the eyes turn red; shake the controller and nunchuk to break free out of its grip. Sometimes Moldarach will attack under the sand so reveal it using the Gust Bellow and blow the sand away. Continue to attack its claws and when both claws are gone, attack its central eye using stab attacks.

The Imprisoned (First Time)

skyward sword bosses

The Imprisoned is the beast from Link’s nightmares. It is a beast that is sealed within the Sealed Grounds. To defeat it, you need to go all Shadow of the Colossus on it and ride on its back and strike the sealing spike on its head. To slow it, use bombs on its feet as well as strike its feet with your sword. To get onto its back, use the jets of air coming out of the ground and use the sailcloth. Continue striking the spike to seal it back up.

Ancient Automaton Koloktos

Koloktos is a giant statue made of many different parts. Inside its chest plate is a beating heart which is its weakpoint. Use the whip to grab and rip the “elbow” parts in its arms to disable them. Continue a few times and Koloktos will create large swords. These swords are the only weapon you can use to destroy the arms as your Goddess Sword cannot. Use it to destroy the arms and then attack its chest and open the chest plate and attack the heart. Continue the process several times to slay Kolotos


Scervo is one of the few overworld bosses in the game. Scervo is a mechnized robot pirate who attacks Link on a narrow plank-like area. You need to try and attack him with your sword and push him off the plank like a real pirate!

Abysmal Leviathan Tentalus

Tentalus is another overworld boss that only appears when Lanayru desert is filled with water. It will attack the ship with its tentacles where you need to attack them with a Skyward Strike. Do it enough times and it will rise out of the water and attack you. Avoid its attacks and strike its large eye with your bow. Its best to attack its weak point after it attacks with its tentacles so avoid and strike! If you take too much damage you can attack its tentacles for hearts. Continue until it falls.

Ocular Parasite Bilocyte

Bilocyte is similar to Bellum from Phantom Hourglass, but if you haven’t fought Bellum, here’s a low down on how to beat Bilocyte. Bilocyte will attack with you with slime balls that you will need to deflect with your sword. Depending on the direction you attack, you will reflect the slime ball back in that direction. After you take care of the fins, use verticle attacks to deflect the slime balls back at its main eye to defeat it.


This is the third time we have fought Ghirahim but this time is actually the easiest. There are three parts to this fight, but neither take very long to get through.

At the beginning of the battle it will be your goal to knock Ghirahim down to the next platform. He will rarely attack you during this phase but when he does you will be able to tell as he will position his body to do so. So you will simply be able to just slash at him with your sword until you are able to get him towards the edge. As he hangs teeters on the edge you can smack him one more time to send him flying down to the next level. You can then drop down and deliver a final blow. Drop down and continue the fight.

At this point the process is the same. However, he will occasionally pull out 2 purple rays. You will have to keep slashing at him but just aim your sword to strike between the rays. If you slash the rays he will grab you and swing you around, putting you in position to be knocked down if you are not quick enough. So just keep knocking him backwards until he falls down to the next level. Perform another final blow and repeat until he is on the final level.

He will now pull out a sword and thus begins the next phase of the fight. If you try to attack with your sword you will notice that he will block every single attack. So you should stay as far as way as possible. He will launch a variety of red beams at you. If you manage to slash your sword in the same direction they are coming then they will be sent back at him. Ghirahim will send them back at you so just keep on returning it until he misses. When that happens he will be stunned so you can jab your sword into his exposed chest. Repeat this until phase 3 of the fight.

At this point he will pull out a huge sword and try to attack you with it. Just run up to him and slash at his sword. As he changes its position to block, just adjust your swings to match his and his sword will eventually break. When this happens you can attack Ghirahim. Repeat this until he is defeated.


The last battle of the game is against the humanoid form of Demise. This gigantic being has an equally gigantic sword that he will try to attack you with. Now, when this fight starts you will want to stay as close to him as you can. If you get too far away then Demise will perform a charging attack which is impossible to avoid.

To damage Demise you need to stay close and swing your sword in different directions. Demise will block most your attacks but if you mix it up enough an opening will appear and you can slash him there. A great strategy for this is to swing from right to left to right to left and so on. If you keep doing this you will normally get a hit in.

Once you hit him you will want to back up as he will normally attack at this point. After 25 hits he will move onto the next part of the battle. At this point the sky lights up and it begins to storm. You will need to raise your sword up and prepare a Skyward Strike. When your sword is charged you can let it go on Demise. He will try to charge his own up and send them at you so just be quick.

After he is hit with a strike he will be stunned enabling Link to slash at him. Doing so will knock Demise down where you can perform a Final Blow. However you do not want to do so yet as he will dodge the attack and hit you. Demise is not yet weak enough to kill so you will need to just keep hitting him with Skyward Strikes and repeating. After he has been knocked down for the third time you will be able to complete the Final Blow and defeat Demise once and for all.

I hope you have enjoyed using our Zelda Skyward Sword Bosses guide. If so, please let us know in the comments.