Secret Seashells

Secret Seashells are a collectible item from Link’s Awakening. Throughout the game there are 26 Secret Seashells in total that Link can obtain. These shells are hidden throughout Koholint Island and Link must uncover them in a variety of places including under rocks, in the ground, and more.

Collecting these Secret Seashells will allow Link to obtain a better sword. By bringing 20 shells to the Seashell Mansion Link will acquire the Ultimate Sword (also called the Seashell Sword). In total there are only 26 shells on Koholint Island. However only 20 of these are needed to get your upgraded sword. Bringing any extras to the mansion will reward Link with 20 Rupees a piece.

Secret Seashells Locations

In the field to the right of Marin’s house is a big grass field. This is also the field that is North of the Trendy Game Shop. Hidden under the grass is the first Secret Seashell Location.

There is a seashell hidden in the ground inside the doghouse. Use the Shovel to dig it up.

While in the Tail Cave there is a cracked wall. Return to the dungeon with a bomb to blow up the wall. In that room is a chest with a seashell inside.

Use the Power Bracelet to lift the rock blocking the chest in the Mysterious Wood.

South of the Witches Hut is a place where there are a bunch of Ghoulies. Slash the bush there and dig up the ground underneath to find a Secret Seashell.

With exactly 5 seashells in your possession return to the Seashell Mansion to get a free one.

On the right side of the Seashell Mansion is another shell hidden in the bushes.

South of the Seashell Mansion is a bay. There is a seashell hidden under a rock in this area.

There is a cave passage way that takes Link from the North to the South side of the bay. In that passageway is a weak spot on the left wall. Bomb it to reveal a stairwell. Taking the stairs will lead Link to a place with an Owl Statue near-by. Dig next to it to find a seashell

There is a Secret Seashell hidden in a bush at the Mermaid Statue.

Now that you have 10 Secret Seashells you can get another free one by returning to the mansion.

On the top of Key Cavern, the third dungeon, you can use your shovel to unearth a shell in the middle of the patches of grass.

After you have returned the Golden Leaves back to Richard he will move and allow you to push a box out of the way that leads Link underground. The chest down there holds a seashell.

To the East of Mabe Village is a telephone booth. Ram into it with your Pegasus Boots to get another seashell.
Ram the tree next to Tail Cave to get another Secret Seashell.

At the Face Shrine there are those many statues that can be pushed with your shield to move them out of your way.
Under one of them is a stairwell that leads to a chest with a shell inside.

South of Martha’s Bay is an Owl Statue. Dig to the right of it to find a shell.

There is a shell hidden under a rock to the South-East of the Yarna Desert.

To the right of the Key Cavern is a tiny island. On that island is a bush with a shell hidden underneath.

High up in the mountains there is a bridge to the right of the Hen House. Jump across the small gap to find a set of 3 rocks. Underneath one of them is a shell.

Enter the set of caves that leads Link to Eagle’s Tower. In there is an area of dry land down the first corridor. Blow up the wall to reveal a stairwell leading to a chest.

Head East from the House by the Bay to come across a bush on a small island. Slash the bush to get another seashell.

After Link has escorted the ghost back to his grave he will tell you of a reward waiting for you in his house. So head to the House by the Bay, which is his house, and you can now find a seashell under a jar.

Use the Flying Rooster to fly across the otherwise impassable gaps up in the mountains. Take the stairwell to find a Secret Seashell.

There is a chest inside of the 6th dungeon, Face Shrine, which holds a seashell.

The last Secret Seashell is found in the 7th dungeon, Eagle’s Tower. On the 2nd floor is a room where Link faces off against a Cyclops. Drop down the hole on the left side of the room to end up on a higher ledge that will take you to an area with a chest.