Twilight Princess Bottles

Twilight Princess BottlesIn Twilight Princess there are four bottles that can be acquired to store a variety of items. In Zelda Twilight Princess you can use bottles to store potions, fairies, and much more. To find all four bottles use our Twilight Princess Bottles Locations guide.

On this page we have a guide for finding all of these Zelda Twilight Princess bottles including the one found in the Twilight Princess Fishing Hole.

Twilight Princess Bottles

Bottle One
The first bottle you will acquire is at the very beginning of the game. After catching a fish the cat will grab your catch and run off to her house. Follow her to Sera’s home and she will give you a bottle.

Bottle Two
Before entering the Forest Temple, you should go speak to Coro. He is the guy who gave you the lantern earlier in the game. For just 100 Rupees he will offer you a bottle filled with oil.

Twilight Princess Fishing Hole

At Hena’s Fishing Hole there is a bridge and a sign that mentions a bottle. Cast your fishing line off the west side of the bridge and you can catch a bottle.

Bottle Four
To get the last bottle you must catch 20 Poe Souls. After doing so pay Jonavi a visit at his house and he will give you a bottle with Fairy Tears.