The Legend of Zelda Bosses


the legend of zelda bosses aquamentus
The boss of the first dungeon is a horned, unicorn like boss, called Aquamentus. Though some consider this to be a fairly hard boss, seeing as Link only has three heart pieces at this time, I do not think he is that challenging if you know what you are up against. Aquamentus will mainly attack you with three beams that he will shoot at you in three different directions. I suggest doing one of two things. The first strategy is to have full health and stand across the room to shoot magic from your sword at him. If you remember, Link can do this when at full health. The second method that I normally do, is to just run up and get in his face and slash as much as possible. If you have full health when starting, then you should be able to kill him and still have half a heart to a heart piece left.


the legend of zelda bosses dodongo
The second boss is Dodongo. I consider him to be one of the easiest bosses in the game. For this fight, you will have to use your bombs as his thick armor cannot be penetrated with regular attacks. However, there is a twist. Bombs cannot actually penetrate his hide either. So you must get Dodongo to swallow your bombs. Thankfully this is not too hard. As he is walking just place a bomb in his path and he will quickly swallow it up. After a couple of bombs have blown up inside of him, he will be defeated.


the legend of zelda bosses manhandla

This boss can be hard or it can be easy. That decision is up to you. Manhandla is a giant people eating plant. Around his main body are four fire spitting hands. The hard way to beat him is to use your sword and try to take out each hand one at a time. However, when doing this, he will gradually get faster as his limbs are destroyed. The easy way to beat him is to place one perfectly placed bomb right. Position it to where his body will be over the bomb. By doing this, all four hands will be destroyed and Manhandla defeated.


the legend of zelda bosses gleeok

Gleeok is a fearsome multi-headed dragon. The first one you will encounter will have only two heads, but there are some four headed ones throughout the land of Hyrule. To defeat Gleeok, you must destroy all of his heads. To do this you need to quickly run in and attack with your sword as you can. Be careful though, as he will be shooting fire at you constantly. After destroying one of Gleeok’s heads, it will detach and start flying around the room at you. You need to continue attacking the heads still on Gleeok’s body. The faster you do so, the better.


the legend of zelda bosses digdogger

Digdogger is definitely one of the weirder bosses in the game. He cannot stand certain sounds and you must use this to your advantage. As soon as you enter the boss chamber, you need to use your Recorder to play a song. The noise from your Recorder will weaken Digdogger and shrink him to a much smaller size. He will then start flying around the room. All you need to do is hit him with your sword or bow a few times and he is defeated.

So make sure you play your Recorder, as he cannot be hit if you do not.


the legend of zelda bosses ghoma

I take back what I said earlier. Ghoma is in fact the easiest boss in the game. Ghoma, a Legend of Zelda favorite, is a giant crab like spider that most fans recognize with ease. In the original Legend of Zelda game, Ghoma has the same weakness, her eye. When you enter the boss chamber, Ghoma will begiin to straddle the back wall going back and forth. While doing so, she will also shoot balls of energy at you. However, all it takes is one shot in the eye with your bow to defeat this monster. So as soon as she opens her eye, let one fly.


the legend of zelda bosses ganon

The final boss of The Legend of Zelda is Ganon. Ganon resembles a huge Moblin, but is much faster and more powerful. Throughout the boss fight, Ganon will be flying around while invisible. The best strategy is for you to wait in a corner and swing your sword as fast as possible. Once hitting Ganon four times, you will then need to quickly equip your Silver Arrows and finish him off. Doing so will allow you to save Princess Zelda and regain the Triforce.

Thanks for using our The Legend of Zelda Bosses strategy guide. If you have any additional strategies for defeating these bosses then feel free to shoot us a message.