Skyward Sword Bottles

Skyward Sword, just like most recent Legend of Zelda titles, has the empty bottles which can be used to store a variety of cool items. You can expect these bottles to be able to hold fairies, potions, quest items, and much more.

This strategy guide will help you uncover the locations to all Skyward Sword Bottle locations.

Skyward Sword Bottles

Skyward Sword Bottle #1
skyward sword bottle locations

The first bottle of the game can be acquired shortly after Zelda has been taken away. Link can get this bottle by talking with the lady at the potion shop. You can find her in the Skyloft bazaar.

Skyward Sword Bottle #2

Skyward Sword’s second bottle is located within the Sealed Grounds. You can find this bottle inside of a chest next to the older woman. The bottle is filled with a Revitalizing Potion.

Skyward Sword Bottle #3

skyward sword missing sister quest

You can get your third bottle by completing a sidequest on an island between Skyloft and Fun Fun Island. By healing a Loftwing and saving a young woman you will get an empty bottle. For more details on this, you can visit our Skyward Sword Missing Sister Quest page.

Skyward Sword Bottle #4
The 4th bottle is located within the Fire Sanctuary. In this dungeon you will acquire the Mogma Mitts enabling Link to burrow underground. On the First Floor there is a circular room where you can dig underground. Do so and then hit a switch to open a gate above. Re-emerge and go through the new path and go towards the water filled plants. Step on a switch nearby to open more gates and then thrust your sword into one the plants to carry it with you. Go through the gate and head right. Use the plant on one of the Lava Hands so you can kill it, which will lower the lava level.

Take the lava free path until you find a chest with an empty bottle inside.

Skyward Sword Bottle #5

After finding a Goddess Cube a treasure chest will appear inside the Thunderhead. Inside will be an empty bottle.