Oracle Rings

Oracle of Seasons Rings

Ring Appendix
Name VersionRing FortuneGasha or Maple LocationRing Effects
Friendship RingBothFrom VasuNone
Power Ring
Seasons*In the Level 7 DungeonAttack: +1, Damage: +2
Power Ring
BothInside a caveAttack: +2, Damage: +4
Power Ring
SeasonsSecond Hero’s CaveAttack: +3, Damage: +8
Armor Ring L-1AgesFieldAttack: -1, Damage: -1
Armor Ring L-2SeasonsInside a cave on Rolling RidgeAttack: -1, Damage: -2
Armor Ring L-3AgesSecond Hero’s CaveAttack: -1, Damage: -3
Red RingSeasonsAfter beating all 4 golden monsters, in the undergroundDoubles Attack
Blue RingAgesBelow a statue is Yoll GraveyardReduces Damage by half
Green RingBoth*Attack: x1.5, Damage: x0.75
Cursed RingBoth**Attack: x0.5, Damage: x2
Expert’s RingBoth*When A & B are blank, a strong punch can be thrown
Blast RingSeasonsFieldPower of the Bomb: +2
Rang Ring
SeasonsFieldPower of the Boomerang: +1
Ages GBA RingAgesAdvance Shop
Maple’s RingBoth**Reduces the # of enemies needed to kill in half Maple
Steadfast RingSeasonsLevel 8 DungeonReduces the kickback in half
Pegasus RingAgesFieldPegasus Seeds last twice as long
Toss RingBoth**Can be obtained through the Bomb Dodging, Mini Game or Field on AgesCan throw an object 2 times further
Heart Ring
Return Linking (Ages)Talk to the Fairy at the Temple of SeasonsRecovers lost hearts slowly
Heart Ring
Both**Recovers lost hearts
Swimmer’s RingReturn Linking (Ages)Play a mini game in Sunken City after beating the gameCan swim faster
Charge RingBoth*Spin Attack charges quickly x4
Light Ring
AgesInside a cave in Nuun PlateauCan shoot the Sword Beams at  -2 hearts
Light Ring
AgesLynna Village mini gameCan shoot the Sword Beams at  -3 hearts
Bomber’s RingAgesGoron Dance mini gameCan set two bombs at once
Green Luck RingBoth*2nd hide-and-seek mini game (Seasons)
Mayor Plen’s house (Ages)
Reduces the Damage from traps in half
Blue Luck RingBoth**Inside a caveReduces the Damage from beams in half
Yellow Luck RingAgesAt Ambi’s PalaceReduces the Damage from falls in half
Red Luck RingBoth**Lynna Village mini gameReduces the Damage from spiked floors
Green Holy RingBoth**In a treasure chest or Goron Dance mini gameReduces the Damage from electricity
Blue Holy RingBoth**Lynna Village mini gameNo Damage from Zora’s fire
Red Holy RingBoth**2nd Subrosian Dance or a hide-and-seek mini game (Seasons)
Bottom of the ocean (Ages)
No Damage from small rocks
Snowshoe RingReturn Linking (Seasons)Mamamu Yan’s mini gameNo sliding on ice
Roc’s RingBoth*Cracked floors don’t crumble
Quicksand RingBoth*Inside a cave (Seasons)
Bomb Dodging mini game (Ages)
No sinking in quicksand
Red Joy RingBoth**Beasts drop double rupees
Blue Joy RingBothAfter rescuing ZeldaBeasts drop double hearts
Yellow Joy RingAgesFieldCan find double items
Green Joy RingSeasonsInside a caveCan find double ore chunks
Discovery RingBothIn the level 1 dungeonCan sence soft earth near by
Rang Ring
Both*Power of the Boomerang: +2
Octo RingBoth*Inside a cave (Seasons)
Lynna Village mini game (Ages)
Can become an Octorok
Moblin RingBoth*In a treasure chest at 8E (Seasons)Can become a Moblin
Like Like RingBoth*In the level 7 dungeonCan become a Like Like
Subrosian RingSeasonsTalon’s cave at 1BCan become a Subrosian
First Gen RingBoth**Can become Link in the very first Zelda
Spin RingReturn Linking (Seasons)Talk to Mayor PlenDouble spin attack
Flower RingBoth**Goron Dance Gold mini gameNo Damage from own bombs
Energy RingBoth**Beam replaces spin attack
DoubleEdge RingBoth**Attack: 8 (consumes 1 heart each time)
Seasons GBA RingSeasonsAdvance Shop
Slayer’s RingBothFrom Vasu1000 beasts slain
Weath RingBothFrom Vasu10000 rupees collected
Victory RingBothIf playing for the second time, the player will have it automaticallyThe Evil King Ganon defeated
Sign RingSeasonsAfter breaking 100 signs, talk to Subrosian100 signs broken
100th RingBothFrom Vasu100 rings appraised
Wisp RingBoth**No effect from jinxes
Gasha RingBoth**Grow great Gasha Seeds
Peace RingBoth**No explosion while holding a bomb
Zora RingBoth**Dive without breathing
Fist RingBoth*Can throw a punch when A & B are blank
Whimsical RingBoth*Attack becomes 1. Also sometimes kill enemies with 1
Protection RingBoth*Damage taken is always one heart