Lets Play The Legend of Zelda

Coming to you from one of the biggest Zelda fans to exist is a 100% complete video walkthrough of the original Legend of Zelda game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Every heart container, every item, every money making spot. As someone who not only has a deep love of this original NES classic, I also grew up with this game. Sitting for hours on end, bombing each wall and flaming every bush in hopes of finding another secret that would help me finally destroy Ganon and save the princess and the land of Hyrule. If you are looking for a certain item, a hard-to-find dungeon, or looking for an easy way to gather up rupees, then this is your one-stop spot to getting ALL THE THINGS. Even if you have beat this game yourself come down a stroll through Memory Lane as we revisit one of the most epic and timeless games ever made. Come and listen to my stories, terrible jokes and silly pop-culture references as we explore and revisit the LEGEND OF ZELDA! (Note : this is only the first quest. I may do the second quest at a later date but for now the first quest 100% is all.)