Majora’s Mask Frogs Location

This guide will show you the locations of the four frogs scattered about Termina. When Spring finally arrives in the Northern Mountains upon Goht’s defeat, a lone frog will appear in the pond. He will tell you that his friends must not know that spring has returned and will ask you to find them. Follow this guide to find them all, and make sure to have the Don Gero’s Mask before you start it.

majoras mask frogs

Majora’s Mask Frogs

  • 1st frog: Located in the laundry pool of Clock Town. You’ve probably seen this one, before, sitting next to the tree.
  • 2nd frog: Located along the water way leading to the Deku Palace. It’s sitting on a log.
  • 3rd frog: In the Woodfall Temple. Once you defeat the Gecko that rides the giant Snapper, it will become this frog.
  • 4th frog: Located in Great Bay Temple. When you defeat the Wart mini-boss, he will once again transform into a frog.

Once you’ve found all four Majora’s Mask frogs, return to the mountains and speak to the now reunited frog choir. They’ll sing for you and give you a piece of heart for your trouble!