Wind Waker Bottles

Like the majority of Zelda titles to date, The Wind Waker contains several bottles that can be obtained throughout the world. This Wind Waker Bottles guide will direct you towards their locations, as well as what you will need to obtain them.

What Can You Store in a Bottle?

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Wind Waker Bottles

In total there are four Wind Waker Bottles and like other Zelda games bottles are used for storing potions, fairies, water, and much more.

Bottle One

dragon roost bottle
Location: Dragon Roost Cavern Entrance
Once arriving at Dragon Roost Island, head into the main structure. Talk to the Ritos and they will tell you to meet with a girl named Medli. Talk to her in the first upper chamber and she will request your aid. Head back down the ramp and exit into the large circular path that is covered in flying dust particles. In this area, head to the left and down the pit to find Medli waiting for your help. Talk to her and she will ask you to assist her in flying to the higher ledge. Pick Medli up and stand on the higher platform. When the wind blows towards the higher ledge, throw Medli and she will glide to her destination. Medli will reward you with your first bottle to show her gratitude.

Bottle Two

wind waker bottles
Location: Spire Island (B3)
Sail to Rock Spire Isle, located at B3, and enter Beedle’s Ship Shop. He will have a bottle for sale. You can purchase this bottle for 500 Rupees.

Bottle Three

Zunari's safe wind waker bottle
Location: Windfall Island (D2)
After you have defeated the Helmaroc King in the Forsaken Fortress, return to Windfall Island at night. You will find a poverty stricken girl named Mila. If you try to engage her, she will insist that you leave her alone. Head to the nearby stairs and she will begin to run away. Your job is to chase after her, but the catch is that you must remain hidden from her sight. If you successfully follow her around the island, without being spotted, she will eventually end up at Zunari’s safe. At this point you can talk to her. Select the first option for every question she asks you, and she will give you a bottle.

Bottle Four

bomb island submarine bottle
Location: Sub near Bomb Island (F5)
Sail towards Bomb Island, located in coordinate F5. You should come across a man named Ho Ho. Ho Ho is looking through his telescope at a submarine. Look there yourself and then sail over to board the sub. Enter into the submarine and defeat the monsters inside to acquire another bottle.