Gilded Sword and Great Fairy Sword

Razor Sword

razor swordAfter Mountain Village has been freed from the clutches of Goht and thawed out, visit the Smithy. Another option is to bring hot Spring Water or fire arrows and melting the furnace.  For a fee of 100 rupees the Smithy will upgrade your Kokiri Sword by sharpening its blade. While it will do twice as much damage, it breaks after 100 strikes.

Gilded Sword

gilded swordAfter defeating Goht on Day 1 in Snowhead you need to obtain Gold Dust. As a Goron, win the race to acquire the Gold Dust as a prize.  Return to the Smithy and pay 100 rupees to forge your sword into the Razor Sword. Talk to him again and he can use the Gold Dust to enforce the Razor Sword into the Gilded Sword. It will again be twice as powerful, but will not break.

The Great Fairy Sword

great fairy swordAfter collecting and returning all of the fairies from the Stone Tower Temple the Great Fairy will reward you with this item. Unlike the other swords, it acts as in item and must be placed in a (C) button slot. While it does four times as much damage as the starting sword and 2x as much damage as the Gilded Sword, it is bulky and swings an angle that makes it difficult to control at times.