Oracle of Seasons Trading Sequence


-The first item of the trading sequence is a Cuccodex. To get this item you need to light the dark house in the southeast corner of Holodrum. When you enter the room there will be a man that says it is too dark for him to be able to read. Use your ember seeds to light up the house and he will give you a Cuccodex.

Lon Lon Egg

-Now that you have your Cuccodex you will need to find somebody who could use such an item. That person is Malon. You can find her near the place where Din was kidnapped. She will let you know that her father has gone missing and she has no idea how to take care of their Cuccoos. Give her your book and she will give you the Lon Lon Egg.

Ghastly Doll

-After defeating 30 enemies, Maple the witch will appear. Make her crash into you and she will pick up the egg that you drop. She will however leave you a Ghastly Doll in return.

Iron Pot

-Near Spool Swamp is a house with a woman inside. Talk to her and she will say that she is looking for something to send chills down her spine. Thankfully your Ghastly Doll willl do just that. In return for the doll she will give you a well-seasoned Iron Pot.

Lava Soup

-To get the Lava Soup you will naturally have to go to Subrosia. Locate the Subrosian Chef and he says he will make you some Lava Soup.

Goron Vase

-On the top of Goron Mountain you will find Biggoron who has a really bad cold. If you give him your Lava Soup that will make him feel better. In reward for your help he will give you the Goron Vase.


-On the path to Sunken City you will find a house with Ingo. This vase collector will complain to you about how Biggoron refuses to let him have a Goron Vase. If you give him your vase he will give you his last fish. What a deal…


-North of Holodrum Village is a man who cannot seem to get his cat to come down out of a tree. If you give him your fish his cat will jump down. In return he will give you his Megaphone.


-To get the Mushroom you will have to use the secret diving path outside of Ingo’s house to enable you up the Mt. Cuccoo path. Enter the cave up there to find Talon who has fallen asleep. Wake him up with your Megaphone and he will trade you a Mushroom for it.

Wooden Bird

-If you enter Syrup’s House she will be in there complaining about her need for a Mushroom. If you give her yours and let her finish her potion she will give you a Wooden Bird.

Engine Grease

-In Horon Village is a house with a clock on the roof. Enter the building and talk to the man behind the counter. If you give him your Wooden Bird for his clock he will give you some engine grease.


-To the east of Horon Village is a cave that is right out the village. Follow its path to get to the windmill. Talk to the man outside and he will say that he needs some grease to make the windmill spin faster. In return he will give you a Phonograph.

Noble Sword

-In the Lost Woods is a small tree that you can burn down. Upon doing so a staircase will be revealed. Inside is a Deku Scrub who you will need to play the Phonograph for. Doing so will make him tell you about his Secret Spot. Follow his instructions to get the Noble Sword. The instructions will make you change the season from the coldest to warmest as you go on. So winter – autumn – spring – summer. Congrats you acquiring the Noble Sword!