Ocarina of Time Bosses

Welcome to our Ocarina of Time Bosses page. This strategy guide is made to assist you in defeating the bosses in the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. We have compiled a variety of images and text walkthroughs with detailed explanations to help you defeat the trickiest of the Ocarina of Time Bosses.

Parasitic Armored Arachnid, Gohma

ocarina of time bosses

Gohma is a simple boss and usually doesn’t take too much effort to defeat. When you first walk in the boss room you will hear a noise coming from the ceiling. To get her attention, use the slingshot, C-up, or the L-button (If you’re playing the 3D version) and locate the glowing eye.

Gohma will only try to attack you in two different styles:

  1. 1. By falling on top of you, a general attack.
  2. 2. By climbing on the ceiling and laying some eggs that hatch into Gohma Larva.

Help for 1: To avoid being hit by Gohma, the simplest thing you can do is get out of the way. Using your shield also helps, after all that’s what its for.

Help for 2: This is the most annoying, but mainly time consuming attack Gohma can inflict upon you. She will lay the eggs and they will fall to the ground, when the eggs hatch don’t just ignore the Gohma Larva, get them out of the way to prevent frustration as they will get in your way of defeating the actual boss. They will take no more than a couple slashes with your sword to defeat.

You can attack Gohma by

  1. 1. Stunning her and attacking her eye with your sword.

Help for 1: You have two choices for stunning:

  1. 1. By Slingshot (While Gohma is on the ground or on the ceiling with her eye open)
  2. 2. By Deku Nut

When Gohma opens her eye, that is your chance to stun.

gohma boss fight 

After stunning, Gohma will be on the ground with bluish tint.


Now slash the open eye with your sword as much as you can.

gohma eye

Now repeat until Gohma is defeated.

Mini-Boss: Lizalfos



This is probably the easiest mini-boss you’ll encounter throughout the course of the game. Lizalfos are quite simple to defeat.

How Lizalfos attack:

  1. 1. Will hit you with their sword, or jump and hit you with their sword.

Help for 1: Use your shield

You can attack Lizafos by

  1. 1. Slash at the Lizafols with your sword

Help for 1: It is straight forward how to take down these enemies. Attack them like any other enemy and if they start to move their arms or jump, use your shield to block the attack.


After the Lizalfos attack, that is your chance to hit them back. Just repeat the above. There will be two in the room but you will take one at a time. When you’ve almost defeated one they will run from you, that is when you attack the other. Then that one will run from you, and you can finish off the other.

King Dodongo


king dodongo

This is the second boss of the game. It is definitely harder than the previous boss, Gohma. But still King Dodongo isn’t much of a challenge if you know what to do, or else you become Dodongo food.

How Dodongo attacks:

  1.  1l. Breathing a huge bit of fire that covers a single path.
  2. 2. Curls up and rolls a single path.

Defense for 1: Run from this beast

Defense for 2: Hylian Shield

You can attack Dodongo by:

  1. 1. King Dodongo stuck with the classic boss Dodongo weakness. Right when this beast opens its mouth to prepare the fire breathing, get up close to it and throw a bomb in its mouth.

ocarina of time boss guide


It will swallow the bomb and it will explode inside King Dodongo. Just like Gohma, he will fall on the ground and that is your chance to attack him.


Just repeat this technique until this boss is defeated.

Big Octo

big octo

This mini-boss is a lot more challenging than the Lizalfos. If you don’t know what to do, you might want to consider a first aide kit for your temper, yes, frustration can get to you with this boss if you’re clueless. He runs the same speed as you, the key to defeating him is to catch up with him.

How Big Octo attacks:

  1. 1. Runs in the circular room and can “run over” you.

Help for 1: Use your shield

You can attack the Big Octo

  1. 1. Catching up to him, stunning, attacking.

Help for 1: Run close to the spikes, it shortens the path so you can slowly catch up to Big Octo. One you get near, use your boomerang to stun him.

big octo


After that, you simply attack his back.

big octo




This is the third boss of the game. It is a bit more challenging than King Dodongo, electricity doesn’t mix with Link.

How Barinade attacka:

  1. 1. Electricity

Help for 1: Boomerang

You can attack Barinade by

  1. 1. What you have to do is simply cut the three tentacles from the ceiling with your boomerang.

Now Barinade will make you fight some jellyfish creatures. They will orbit around Barinade’s body. Again, watch out for electricity. You must stun the main body with that handy boomerang you found and slash up the jellyfish. Repeat this to defeat the jellyfish.

Barinade will spin around the main body. Use your boomerang to stun. Be careful not to get electrified, stun it and finish it off!

You almost finished off this boss. This is the last thing you have to do. Barinade will basically be faster paced than before. Stun him and use your sword!

Poe Sisters


poe sister

Poe Sister’s are fairly easy mini-bosses. You defeat them just as you would any average Poe you would encounter in the Kakariko Graveyard. Just have your bow ready.

poe sister

Use your bow and shoot it at all the picture frames. Find the Poe, kill the Poe.

The final Poe is in the main room of the dungeon. There will be several illusions of that Poe, Meg. The true one will spin before attacking and summoning the illusions. Several hits will finish her off.

Phanton Ganon


phantom ganon

Phantom Ganon is pretty much the boss that started the entire lethal volleyball craze in Legend of Zelda boss fights.

How Phantom Ganon will Attack

  1. 1. Will electrically charge the floor

Help for 1: The electricity won’t hit the corner of the room, you’ll be safe at any corner from that attack.

You can attack Phantom Ganon by

  1. 1. Shooting an arrow at him as he leaves the portraits

Help for 1: At the beginning of the fight Phantom Ganon will ride his horse into one of the many portraits around the room. Several fake images of Ganon will ride out of the painting. The real Phantom Ganon will glow with a purple pattern as he is exiting the portrait. As that is happening shoot him with an arrow. Repeat this until he gets off his horse.



From this point Phantom Ganon will begin his game of lethal tennis. He will power up a green ball of energy and shoot it towards you. Use your Master Sword to smack the ball back at him. He will hit it back at you so just go back and forth until he misses.

When he is struck by the ball of energy he will be stunned so you can slash at him with your sword.

Flare Dancer


flare dancer


How the Flare Dancer attacks:

  1. 1. He will expel fire around the room

Help for 1: Just run around the fire

You can attack the Flare Dancer by:

  1. 1. Using the Hookshot

Help for 1: Use your Hookshot to pull the black bomb-like guy out of the flame dancer. It will then start to run around the room. Use your sword, bombs, or Megaton Hammer to smack the little fellow.

flare dancer


Repeat this until he is dead.





How Volvagia attack:

  1. 1. He will breathe fire at you
  2. Drop rocks from ceiling

Help for 1: Run away

Help for 2: Look out and evade

You can attack Volvagia by

  1. 1. Smacking his head with the Megaton Hammer when he comes out of a crater
  2. Shoot him with an arrow

Help for 1: Volvagia will be hiding underneath the gigantic platform Link is standing on. He will pop his head out of the various crater and get ready to breathe fire at you. When Volvagia does this, smack his head with the Megaton Hammer to sun him. The use your sword on him.

Help for 2: Every now and then Volvagia will fly around the room. At this point you can shoot him with an arrow. Your aim has to be good though.


Dark Link

dark link

Dark Link will mimic every attack you make so he will be a bit tricky to fight.

How Dark Link attacks:

  1. 1. He will mimic your sword attacks

Help for 1: Use your shield

You can attack Dark Link by

  1. 1. Din’s Fire
  2. 2. Untargeted Sword strikes

Help for 1: If your magic meter is filled you can easily use Din’s Fire to take down most of Dark Link’s health.

Help for 2: Swinging your sword without targeting onto Dark Link is the best way to deal sword damage.



How Morpha attacks:

  1. 1. Morpha will grab you by its tentacles and throw you into the spiked walls

Help for 1: Do not get close

You can attack Morpha by

  1. 1. Hookshot

Help for 1: Use your Hookshot to target onto Morpha’s tentacle orb. Once the orb is pulled out the body you can slash at it with your sword.


Repeat until he is dead.

Dead Hand

dead hand


How Dead Hand attacks:

  1. 1. Grabbing and Biting at you

Help for 1: Be quick

You can attack Dead Hand by

  1. 1. Sword

Help for 1: Having the hands grab you, get that thing to show itself. It will lower its head at you and then you attack with your sword.

dead hand


Repeat until he is dead.

Bongo Bongo

bongo bongo


How Bongo Bongo attacks:

  1. 1. He will try to smash you with his hands and knock you into the spiked pit surrounding the platform.

Help for 1: Be quick and avoid his attacks

You can attack Bongo Bongo by

  1. 1. Lens of Truth and Arrows

Help for 1: Target onto and shoot both of Bongo Bongo’s hands. Doing so will prompt him to charge at you. Use the Lens of Truth to see his face. Shoot him with an arrow and when he is stunned use your sword on him.

bongo bongo


Repeat until he is dead.




How Twinrova attacks:

  1. 1. Twinrova will shoot element spells of fire and ice at Link

Help for 1: Use Mirror Shield

You can attack Twinrova by

  1. 1. Mirror Shield

Help for 1: Twinrova consists of 2 elemental witches. One of fire and one of ice. When ice is shot at you, use the Mirror Shield to reflect it back at the Fire based witch. Do the opposite to shoot fire at the ice witch. After this has been done enough the two sisters will combine into one more powerful witch.


Twinrova will then continue to shoot elemental attacks at Link. You must then absorb 3 of the same elemental attacks (consecutively) into the Mirror Shield. Doing so will cause an elemental beam to fire back at Twinrova. Hitting her with this beam will stun her enabling Link to slash at her with his sword.



How Ganondorf attacks:

  1. 1. He will shoot magical balls of energy at Link

Help for 1: Send his attacks back at him.

You can attack Ganondorf by

  1. 1. Sword and Light Arrows

Help for 1: When Ganondorf shoots his magic balls at you, play lethal tennis (just like with Phantom Ganon) until he misses. This time however, you will have to quickly shoot Ganondorf with a Light Arrow. At this point he will be stunned enabling you to use the Master Sword on him.

Repeat this until Ganondorf is defeated.


ganon oot

How Ganon attacks:

  1. 1. He will swing his gigantic sword at you.

Help for 1: Be quick on your feet

You can attack Ganon by

  1. 1. Megaton Hammer and Master Sword

Help for 1: At the beginning of this fight Ganon will knock your Master Sword away. This will leave Link with nothing but the Megaton Hammer (or Biggoron Sword if you have it) to deal damage to Ganon.

To attack Ganon you can do a couple of things. The first of which is to stun him with a Light arrow to the face. This uses a lot of Magic Power which will be useful for the last part of this fight, so I actually suggest rolling in between Ganon’s legs. Once doing so you can use the Megaton Hammer on Ganon’s tail.

Once you have done this enough times the fire barrier will go down, allowing Link to retrieve the Master Sword.

From this point on you will want to stun Ganon with the Light Arrows and repeat the same process. After a couple of hits Ganon will be stunned and Link will be granted the opportunity to finish him off for good.


You have just completed the Ocarina of Time. Thank you for using our Ocarina of Time Bosses page.