Oracle of Ages Trading Sequence

Poe Clock

If you go to the Northwest corner of Spirit’s Grave (Yoll Graveyard) you will find a ghost sitting by himself near a gravestone. If you push on the grave a stairwell will be revealed. Go down the stairs to find the ghost again. If you talk to him he will thank you for helping him reach the afterlife and he will reward you with the Poe Clock.


In the past, in Lynna Village is a post man who is always running late because he does not know the time. If you give him the Poe Clock he will give you a piece of Stationery. He can be found in the building north of the mermaid figure.

Stink Bag

Exit the Post Office and walk to your left until you reach the old shack at the end of the village. Enter it to find a hand that is needed some toilet paper. Give him your stationery and he will reward you with…a Stink Bag…how odd.

Tasty Meat

In the Present, head to Crescent Island. In the Southeast is a Tokay in a tent with an awful cold. He needs something to open his sinuses. Give him your Stink Bag and he will give you some Tasty Meat.

Doggie Mask

To the West of Lynna City is a little house with a mask on top. Enter it to find the Happy Mask Salesman. He is very hungry and will give you a Doggie Mask for your Tasty Meat.


Now head back East and through Lynna City to find a house by the river. Inside is Mamamu Yan, a dog breeder. Her dog is too shy to do anything. Give her your Doggie Mask and she will give you a Dumbbell.

Cheesy Mustache

Head to Symmetry City, while in the past. Enter the house where the Tuni Nut is and go down the stairs to the basement. Down in the basement is a guy lifting weights with just one dumbbell. Give him your extra one and he will give you a Cheesy Mustache.

Funny Joke

Return to Lyna City, during the present, and there will be two comedians standing near the central bridge. Give them your Cheesy Mustache and they will teach you a Funny Joke.

Touching Book

Jokes are a great way to cheer people up. So you must now tell your Funny Joke to the depressed boy in the Dedakin’s home. You can find this place in the past, south of Ambi’s Palace. The boy inside is quite upset. So upset, that even your joke will not cheer him up. But he will reward you with a Touching Book for your efforts to cheer him up.

Magic Oar

To get the Magic Oar you will need to encounter Maple by slaying 30 enemies. When she shows up on her magic broom you will need to bump into her. Maple will pick up your dropped book and be moved by it since she feels under appreciated by Syrup. In return she will give you the Magic Oar.

Sea Ukelele

Who could use a Magic Oar? Well a sea man of course. Head to the house on the South Shore and give the oar to Rafton. In return he will give you the Sea Ukelele.

Broken Sword

In the past, head to the spot where the Maku Sproutling is and take the small eastern path to head one screen right. You will then need to use your Switch Hook to get across the gap to the South. This will allow you to enter a cave where an elderly Zora man is standing. He misses the sea and would like to be reminded of it before he passes. If you give him your Sea Ukelele he will give you a Broken Sword.

Noble Sword

To fix this sword you must work you way back up the Restoration Wall from earlier in the game. Play Patches, silly game again and he will fix your sword upon completion. The sword, upon being fixed will become the Noble Sword. If you are playing a linked game with the Noble Sword already in your possession then it will become the Master Sword.