Twilight Princess Heart Pieces

twilight princess heart pieces

Wanting to collect all the Twilight Princess heart pieces scattered throughout Hyrule and the Twilight Realm? Our heart piece guide for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess will help you out.

Some heart pieces we’ll acquire in dungeons so you’ll have the appropriate gear. However, in Twilight Princess if you are starting the heart piece side quest separately, do so before or after completing the Cave of Ordeals.
This Twilight Princess heart pieces guide will show how to get all 45 heart pieces, which will give you 9 heart containers.

This heart piece side quest is not mandatory to complete Twilight Princess, but does add 9 heart containers to your game making you that much more sustainable.

Twilight Princess Heart Pieces

Note: This guide is intended for you to find all 45 Twilight Princess Heart Pieces Locations. Keep in mind that I assume that you have all items acquired in the game (Double Clawshots, Ball and Chain, etc.). So if there comes a heart piece that you need one of these items for and you don’t have it, come back to it later after acquiring the necessary item. With that being said, enjoy, I’ve separated this by location, so have fun with your findings!

North Faron Woods in the Bog:

Twilight Princess Heart Piece Locations

1. Head to the cave that is located towards the North west part of this bog area (the one with purple mist.) In there, there are two torches, light them with your lantern and reveal a treasure chest that will hold a piece of heart.

Forest Temple:

2. Go into the chamber with the flowerish creatures, one of them guards a forested area. Toss a bombling into it’s mouth to destroy this foe. Doing so will cause a chest to appear which will contain a heart piece.

Twilight Princess Heart Pieces

3. Go to the chamber in which you come across the centipede enemies first (the ones under floor tiles) and find four torches. Using your boomerang, put out these torches and a chest will appear, I wonder what’s in there…

Twilight Princess Heart Piece Locations

Southern Hyrule Field

4. Go to the wooden bridge going over some water, and on the southern half of the bridge, go south and find a forested area. This piece of heart is on top of a branch in the middle of the tree. To get this heart piece you must use your Gale Boomerang.

Twilight Princess Heart Piece Locations

Kakariko Gorge

5. In the Gorge there’s a really large rock structure to the North. It has got your little treasure on it so head to the nearest Cliffside and use your Gale Boomerang to snag it down.

Twilight Princess Heart Piece Locations

6. In the western part of the Gorge, you’ll see a wall that can be bombed, bomb it and take the heart piece.

7. Head to the rock formation in the North Eastern section. Use your hookshot to get raised to an elevated area with a heart piece.

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Ordon Village:

8. After beating the Fire Temple and you get Epona (yet again). From here you must go back to the ranch in your home village. Complete the herding game and claim your prize.

Goron Mines:

9. After you meet a Goron Elder’s you need to use the Iron Boots to walk upside down from the ceiling of the room with the chain puzzle. Take the path to your right and open the chest to get a heart piece.

10. Go to the chamber with the magnetic area up on the second floor. There’s a chest in there, use your Iron Boots and go through the ceiling beams to get to it.

Kakariko Village:

11. Scale your way up the northern watchtower via Gorons and ladders. When you get there talk to the young boy and get some target practice, after you finish the mini-game, you’ll get a piece of heart. (You’ll need your Hero’s Bow for the game)

12. Bomb the cave entrance in the south area near the Spring of the Light Spirit to get to a pond in the back of the spring. Put your iron boots and sink down to the bottom of the water where you can open the chest and get a piece of heart.

13. Next to the light spirit spring, above a wall in the southern part of the village, there’s a cluster of rocks waiting to be bombed. Fire at rocks with a Bomb arrow and you will then be able to grab the heart piece with the Gale Boomerang.

14. After you donate 1000 Rupees to Malo Mart, talk to the old goron man outside of the store and play a game. (You have to play delivery-man with a barrel of hot-spring water.) After you finish, you be rewarded with a piece of heart. (Hint: Stick by the southern cliff edge.)

West Hyrule Field:

15. Exit Kakariko village through it’s north exit, now before getting to the main field area you’ll see a huge boulder to the right. Bomb it and take the newly opened path. It will take you to an area in which you can drop down and reach a closed chest. Open it to get a heart piece.

Water Temple:

16. In the main chamber of the Water Temple you need to use your ClawShot on the fixture in the middle to get to a chest with a heart piece inside.

17. After getting the water flowing from both sources you will need to have the water flow from the eastern side to flow west using the staircase. Use the bridge you just created and head up to the western side to get to an area with a chest.

Lake Hylia:

18. Get to the upper part of the Spirit’s Spring using your clawshot and head to the back part, light the torches and get a chest.

19. You know the hidden skill stone in the lake? Well head south and there’s a wall covering a cave, Bomb that sucker and get to another chest.

20. Talk to the bird plumm and learn about his game. Howl in the bird grass to start the game, score over 10,000 points to obtain a heart. (Hint: Don’t do both, only go for one or the other)

21. Go into the building in the North-East in the upper lake area and talk to the owner and play the Flight-By-Fowl game. Land on the highest platform that’s not spinning, it will contain a chest.

Eastern Hyrule Field

22. North of the Eldin Bridge, hookshot onto a cliff there. Blow up rocks in your path and take this path until you approach a cave. Go inside and use your iron boots to walk on the magnetic walls in the lava cave until you finally get to the bottom, then get your prize from the chest you see.

Gerudo Dessert:

23. There’s an area where you’re being attack by vast amounts of enemies, get to the area where a pig is roasting on a pit. Slash the pig with your sword and claim your prize.

Fishing Hole:

24. Either rent a canoe or use the boomerang for this one (either works!) and get it from the middle rock archway in the middle of the lake.

Sand Dungeon:

25. Head to the room with the 4 poes, and look in the northwest corner. See that platform? Hookshot up there and get to a chest with your heart piece.

26. In the second half of this dungeon you’ll get to a room full of spinner tracks. (This room is North-west of the basement level) Make your way through the tracks to reach to ledge with a chest.

Northern Hyrule Field:

27. From North Hyrule Field, bomb the North-East exit and find a spinner track. Go through the track and get to a ledge with another heart piece chest.

28. In the southern branch of the rocky paths there’s an alcove full of tekite, in there is a wall that faces west. Bomb it and go into the cave it covers and solve a simple block-sliding puzzle. (Note: Ball and Chain are required for this!)

Eldin Bridge:

29. After you put the missing piece of the bridge back (Haven’t yet? Well it’s in South-Eastern Gerudo Desert, head out there and use Midna to teleport back), guide the owl statue with your Dominion Rod to a hole at the south end. This will create a path to the heart piece.

Passage North Of Eldin Bridge:

30. Head just past a small wooden bridge that drenched in enemies, go left and approach a spinner track, ride on it to a small alcove. Then turn into a wolf and dig in the middle of the ring of grass to reveal a cave. Go inside and kill all enemies to obtain a heart piece.


31. Head back to the ice-sliding area and kill the Yeti and his wife and the race down the mountain, and then claim your prize. (Make sure you’ve beaten the ice temple first!)

Sacred Grove:

32. After you beat skull kid, there’s a big rock in the center of the battlefield, bomb it and dig the spot (while you’re a wolf of course) to get into a cave. Kill all the enemies in there and earn your heart piece.

Temple Of Time:

33. As you get that statue back to the entrance, make it eliminate all the walls and electric barriers and reveal a path to a chest with a heart piece.

34. Also while taking the statue back, stop at the southern room on the 5th floor and solve the puzzle. (The one with two smaller statues and need to sit on switches at the end of the narrow paths) After that, a chest comes up.

Temple Of Time:

35. After going through the door leads to the past temple of time and as you’re walking down the steps, walk left and face where you came in from. There’s an owl statue you need to move in order to access a heart piece chest.

Ordon Woods:

36. Head North-East, past the lantern shop and bomb the rocks (you’ll see them, I promise!) and see an owl statue in the alcove. Guide it to the small groove in the ground. Time for wolf form! Use midna to jump the branches to the alcove with a heart piece.

Hidden Village:

37. After clearing the village of enemies, go to the cucco leader and play a mini-game. Find all 20 cats that are in the village to claim a heart piece.

Sky Temple:

38. Head to the East wing, and you’ll get to a large cylindrical area with a giant plant enemy. Kill the plant and scale the walls until you get to a ledge with an alcove that has bats in it. Kill the bats and then grab the ledge with the Double Clawshot, head on over to get your heart piece.

39. For this piece of heart you will need to go to the second level of the Eastern portion. Then use the clawshot and hook on a few a flying plants to get to the main wing again. Don’t drop on the last one, instead turn a full 90 degrees to the right and clawshot to the other path of flying plants to get to an alcove with a heart piece (in a chest, of course!)

Twilight Temple:

40. Get to the west wing of the temple and you’ll get to a room with a big blanket of darkness you need to get over. In that blanket there’s an orb that will create a platform to the heart piece. It doesn’t really matter whether you use your light sword or the Sol Orb.

41. When you first get to the east wing, you’ll get to a room with waterfalls made of the darkness we talked about to your left and to your right. The farthest one is the one we need. Either clear it with the Sol Orb or with the Light Sword.

Castle Town:

42. Head to the eastern gate in the Castle Town and donate 1000 rupees to the old man, he’ll give you a heart piece.

Snow Temple:

43. When you get to the upper part of the main entrance, use your ball and chain to swing the chandeleirs and jump across them to get to the southern alcove with a chest (the heart piece is inside if you hadn’t gathered that!)

44. On the second level, there’s a circular pathway, at the top you’ll see an unusually placed hookshot target with weird floorboards below it. Burst open the floor with your Ball and chain to get to the lower level. There will be a heart piece there.

Death Mountain:

45. Your last heart piece is up on death mountain (Make sure you’ve already beaten the fire-temple). From the mountain warp location, head down the mountain until you come across a goron by himself. He’ll offer to boost you up the cliff diretcly behind him. Accept it and start heading to the Goron village and you will eventually come across an alcove of which you can enter. Head in and drop for you last heart piece.

Congratulations! You’ve collect all Fourty-Five Twilight Princess Heart Pieces.