Ocarina of Time Heart Pieces

Ocarina of Time Heart PiecesSo are you ready to take on yet another of the many side quests that the Zelda series has to offer? Of course you are! This Ocarina of Time Heart Pieces guide will help you find all of the important pieces critical to your survival through Hyrule. You can find Ocarina of Time heart pieces as both young and adult Link, so this guide will be split up into two respective sections.

So let’s get started finding these Ocarina of Time Heart Pieces.




Ocarina of Time Heart Pieces

Young Link Heart Pieces

Lost Woods:

The first one here in Lost Woods has to do with Skull Kid. You have to redo those songs he wants you to and ta-dah! There’s your heart piece!

At the left entrance of Lost Woods, Skull Kid will be there. You need to play Sarias song to him in order to obtain the heart piece.

Hyrule Market:

Our first one here can be found in the nighttime. There’s a lady in the alley looking for her lost pooch (apparently named Richard), find this dog amongst the millions of little Schnauzer looking dogs that run around the Market each night. Find Richard and return him to the lady and she’ll reward you with a heart piece.

You know that really annoying Treasure Chest game? Well if you win you get a heart piece, so get to it! I recommend waiting until you’ve obtained the lens of truth and do it that way, no wasting money and much less time consuming.

Another game in the Market: The Bombchu bowling game! Now all you have to do is win three times in a row and you will obtain a heart piece.

Kakariko Village:

There is a place where a poor old cow is locked up like some animal!  Anyway, there’s a heart piece in there. This area can be reached from within the house by moving some of the boxes in the room.

Kill off 50 Skulltulas then go to the House of Skulltula, boast about how the curse is lifted and then gather you heart piece.


There is bound to be a heart container somewhere in one of the gravestones. To find this heart piece push back one of the graves closest to the Shadow Temple entrance. A hole will be revealed that Link can drop down into. Inside will be one ReDead. Kill him and then play the Song of Sun to reveal a chest with a heart piece inside.

Pay Dampe 10 Rupees to have him dig up a patch of dirt in the Graveyard. The heart piece is hidden in the ground but is randomly revealed. Keep paying Dampe 10 Rupees until he digs it up.

Goron City:

You see that giant Urn in the middle of the city? Light up all the torches on the ground floor and it will begin to spin. Once it is spinning around, toss a bomb or Bomb Flower into the top of the urn and a heart piece will fly out.

Zora’s River:

Grab onto a chicken and get ready to fly! Take it up on the two small ledges on past the frogs. Go to the edge of the platform and take your chicken over on the ledge to your right. Leave it behind but don’t worry! When you climb the ladder the chicken will be there, fly on over to your heart container.

Grab your partner (chicken) and head over to the entrance of Zora’s Domain. Use your chicken to fly over to the ledge and get to your heart piece.

If you’ve walked around this area, surely you’ve seen some frogs under the water in a certain part. Play the Song of Storms to them.

Go to those same frogs and play their bug-catching game.

Zora’s Domain:

Light all of the torches in Zora’s Domain by using your Deku Sticks. The final two torches are behind the waterfall. Lighting them all will cause a chest to appear there with a heart piece inside.

Hyrule Field:

There’s going to be a fence opposite the entrance of Lake Hylia, you’re going to find a hole if you bomb that fence. Those pesky business scrubs are down there, but this time you can buy your piece of heart.

Lake Hylia:

Go see the pond owner and get the gold fishing scale and then head to the lab. (You know, the one with the weird old guy?) In there you’ll need to dive down the bottom of his little indoor pool and talk to him to obtain yet another heart piece.

Go back to the pond and catch a fish about 10 pounds. Weigh it in to get your heart piece as a reward.

Lon Lon Ranch:

Go look behind the corral you’ll find a cow shed made of brick. If you pull the boxes you’ll be able to crawl through that little hole there.

Adult Link Heart Pieces

Kakariko Village:

Go inside the windmill on the upper part you will find a heart piece. You can use your Boomerang to bring it down as Young Link.

Go talk to the man that’s sitting (sometimes standing?) on one of the rooftops, he’ll give you a piece of his heart!


Plant some magic beans here as young link. Now that we’re big kids now we can ride the platform up to our prize!

Race Dampe a second time (Same place you obtained the hookshot) and win a heart piece.

Hyrule Field:

Go northwest of Lon-Lon Ranch and bomb next to the tree to reveal a hole. Inside use your Iron Boots to sink to the bottom of the pond and find a heart piece.

Death Mountain:

Again, plant some seeds in front of Dodongo’s Cavern as young Link, then ride the magic bean as an adult to find the heart piece.

Warp to the fire temple and on the opposite side you will find a wall, climb down the wall to find your heart piece. You can also climb down the wall by entering the top of the crater and walking towards the ledge.

Plant some a seed inside Death Mountain Crater and ride the plant yet again to obtain the piece.

Zora’s Fountain:

This heart piece is located on top of really shaky iceberg.

Use your iron boots to sink down to the bottom of the lake and walk over to your heart piece.

Ice Cavern:

Go to the room with the spinning “ice helicopter” and go behind the icy wall that’s around it. Then use Blue Fire on the heart piece that is enclosed in ice.

Lake Hylia:

Remember that lab with the crazy old guy? Well head to the top of that and you will find a heart piece. You can use the Scarecrow’s Song or a Bean Plant to reach the top.

Gerudo Valley:

At the entrance to the Gerudo Valley is  Cucoo. Grab hold of it and fly to the left. There will be a ledge with a wooden crate. Fly to that ledge and break the crate to find a heart piece.

At the bottom of the Gerudo River is a walkway with a cow and a bean plant location. Head to the far end, towards the Sheikah Stone, and jump into the water. Behind the waterfall is a ladder which leads to a heart piece.

Also plant some seeds as a young link and then ride the magic bean.

Thieves’ Hideout:

There’s a treasure chest above the entrance. Go onto that roof, open the chest, and get yourself a piece of heart.

Gerudo Fortress:

Head to the archery competition and get at least 1000 points twice.

Desert Colossus:

Also plant the magic beans here, then ride the plant to your prize.

Congratulations! You have found all the Ocarina of Time Heart Pieces Locations.