Spirit Tracks Items

Yellow Potion

The Yellow Potion can be purchased, for 200 Rupees, from the various shops throughout the game. They will restore all of Link’s hearts and give him full health.

Purple Potion

The Purple Potion, like the yellow, can be purchased from the various shops in the game. However they are a little cheaper, running from 100 up to 150 Rupees. Purple Potions will revive Link when he is downed and restore 8 of his hearts. It can also be used at anytime to restore 8 of Link’s hearts.

Red Potion

The Red Potion runs for 100-150 Rupees and is just a less effective Yellow Potion. When drank it will restore 4 of Link’s hearts.


The Whirlwind is the Forest Temple item. This device creates a gust of wind that will blow along a player chosen path. To use this item you, the gamer, must blow into the mic of your Nintendo DS. The Whirlwind is used to stun various enemies, blow our fire, and move items over gaps.


The Boomerang can be found in the Snow Temple. This classic Zelda item has not changed very much since the last game. To use the Boomerang you still use your stylus to draw a path and you can select up to five objects at a time to hit. The Boomerang is used primarily for hitting switches and moving items but can also be used as a weapon.


The Whip is the item of the Ocean Temple. This item is used like the hookshot of past Zelda games. It can be used to swing across gaps and as a weapon.


The Bow can be found in the Fire Temple. This item will allow you to shoot arrows and enable you to stroke objects from far away. The Bow is used to shoot eye shaped switches inside of dungeons and other puzzles. To use the Bow, simply tap the screen where you would like to fire an arrow.

Quiver 1

The first Quiver upgrade can be bought in the Goron Village Shop for 2000 Rupees. This will enable you to carry up to 30 arrows at a time.

Quiver II

The last quiver upgrade is found inside the Pirate Hideout. To acquire this upgrade you must rescue to prisoner from the hideout, unlocking the pirate mini-game. If you get a score of 4000 or more you will get the largest quiver and be able to hold up to 50 arrows at a time.

Bow of Light

The Bow of Light can be found in the Sand Temple. The Bow of Light works the same way as the regular Bow except you can charge the arrow by holding down the Stylus instead of just tapping it.

Bomb Bag I

The first Bomb Bag upgrade can be purchased at Beedle’s Balloon Shop for 500 Rupees. This will allow you to hold 10 bombs. Bombs are used to break down weakened structures and blow up enemies.

Bomb Bag II

The second Bomb Bag upgrade is acquired by getting a time of 2 minutes or less at the Whip mini-game behind Whittleton. With this bomb bag you will be able to carry 30 bombs at once.

Bomb Bag III

The last bomb bag upgrade can be found in Castle Town. If you beat the endurance challenge you will get a large bomb bag that can carry up to 30 bombs.

Sand Staff

The Sand Staff can also be found in the Sand Temple. This staff will enable you to create an elevated step of sand from soft patches. This will help you reach hard to reach places and to create a path for Phantom Zelda to cross. Finally it can be used to move items and create sand barriers.

Golden Compass

The Golden Compass is found on the 5th floor of the Tower of Spirits. This shiny object will reveal where the Demon King is hiding.

Spirit Flute

The Spirit Flute is a sacred instrument that is acquired early in the game. It is used to play various songs that have different effects. To play a song you need to blow through the mic and use the stylus to play notes.


You can purchase a shield from the various shops in the game for 80 Rupees. Your shield is used to block projectiles that are fired your way.

Shield of Antiquity

This shield is acquired once you have collected 10 stamps in your Stamp Book. Niko will then give you the Shield of Antiquity which cannot be taken by Like-Likes.


The sword is acquired at the beginning of the game. You can get it from the Hyrule castle guards.

Lokomo Sword

This upgraded sword is acquired from Jeann after you complete the Sand Temple. The Lokomo Sword deals more damage.

Swordsman’s Scroll I

The first Swordman’s Scroll is acquired at the Rabbitland Rescue. If you collecr 50 rabbits you will be granted the ability to shoot a beam from your sword when you have full hearts.

Swordsman’s Scroll II

The second Swordman’s Scroll is acquired after you collect 20 stamps in your book. If you show this to Niko you will be granted the power to do an upgraded Spin Attack.

Rabbit Net

The Rabbit Net is given to you when you visit Rabbitland. This net will allow you to capture rabbits from your train.