Minish Cap Items

Main Items

Bombs and the Bomb bag
Location – In the Minish House outside of the Minish Village.
Description -Bombs are used to blow up various objects, weak spots in the wall, and more. Later on bombs can be upgrades so they can be remotely detonated. This is done by fusing Kinstones in the same Minish house.

Location – The Boomerang can be bought in the Hyrule Town shop. Later on it can be upgraded by fusing stones with Tingle and his siblings.
Description – It is used for stunning foes and can also be used to pick up items from afar. The upgraded version goes further and gives you more control.

Bow and Arrows
Location – In the Castor Wilds.
Description – The Bow and Arrow is used to shoot enemies from afar. It can also be used to trigger switches. Later in the game you can upgrade to Light Arrows by fusing with people before the last level of the game.

Cane of Pacci
Location – Cave of Flames.
Description – The Cane of Pacci is a small yellow cane that is used to turn things upside down and right side up. It is also used to let Link reach high places by shooting him out of holes in the ground.

Flame lantern
Location – The Temple of Droplets
Description – The lantern helps you to see in dark rooms. It can also be used to light torches.

Gust Jar
Location – Deepwood Shrine
Description – The Gust Jar is used on enemies to suck them in and then send them flying. The jar can also be used to propel Link while he is on a boat.

Mirror Shield
Location – Biggoron gives it to Link
Description – The mirror shield works the same as your regular shield except it can reflect enemy attacks back at them.

Mole Mitts
Location – Fortress of Winds
Description – These mitts will give Link sharp claws that enables him to dig through rocks and dig holes which can uncover an assortment of treasures.

Ocarina of Wind
Location – Fortress of Winds
Description – An Ocarina that allows Link to warp around Hyrule.

Pegasus Boots
Location – Hyrule Town Shoe Shop
Description – A special pair of boots that enables Link to run at super fast speeds. Most useful for traveling through the swamp.

Roc’s Cape
Location – The Palace of Winds
Description – Roc’s Cape enables Link to jump. This is useful for bypassing gaps in the ground.

Small Shield
Location – Zelda gives it to Link early on in the game
Description – The shield that you will use throughout most of the game. It is useful for blocking attacks.

Smith’s Sword
Location – Link receives this sword after Zelda is petrified
Description – The main weapon of attack. Used to slash and cut things.

White sword
Location – Get after the Cave of Flames
Description – An upgraded sword that allows Link to make copies of himself after it has been infused with all of the different elements.

Four Sword
Location – Upgraded version of the White Sword
Description – By infusing all the elements the sword will allow Link the power to free people who have been petrified.


Location -Cave under the library
Description – Enables Link to swim in deep water and to dive below the surface.

Grip Ring
Location – A Deku on Mt Crenel sells them
Description – Enables Link to scale steep walls and climb up the mountains.

Kinstone bag
Location – Hyrule Town after beating the first dungeon
Description – Holds kinstones found throughout the game.

Power Bracelets
Location -Behind the fountain in Hyrule Town
Description – Enables Link to lift heavier objects and move bookcases when Link is tiny.

Dungeon Items

Location – Found in every dungeon
Description -Shows the various rooms in the dungeon.

Location – One in each dungeon
Description -Shows hidden keys, items, and bosses of each dungeon.

Small Key
Location – Many in each dungeon
Description -Used to unlock basic dungeon doors.

Boss Key
Location – One in each dungeon throughout Hyrule
Description -The key to each dungeon’s boss room