Phantom Hourglass Courage Gem Locations

In Phantom Hourglass, there are 20 Courage Gems for Link to collect in order to restore Ciela’s power on Spirit Island. Ciela grants Link a sword beam with 10 gems and a wider beam with 20 gems.

This guide will help you find all of the Courage Gems.

  • You can buy a Courage Gem from the Masked Ship for 500 rupees. It can be found in place of Beedle’s Shop Ship from 10pm-12am on weekdays and 10am-12pm on weekends.
  • In the southeastern corner of the Isle of Gust, there are two bomb flowers near a cracked wall. Bomb the wall to find a cave with a journal, a map, and a chest. Open the chest to find a Courage Gem.
  • In the southwestern area of Basement 1 of the Temple of Wind, there are geysers of wind. Move Link over one to fly over to a chest. Inside, you will find a Courage Gem.
  • In the eastern section of the main area of Spirit Island, there is a chest containing a Courage Gem.
  • Behind the stairs in the room before the Temple of Courage’s boss, there is a bombable wall. Destroy it, then get a Courage Gem from the chest inside.
  • Enter the cave between Freedle’s island and the main Mercay Island. If you have not already opened this cave, bomb the cracked wall on the way to the Temple of the Ocean King. Once inside, hop across the platforms and shoot the eye switch with an arrow. This will pen a path to a new area. Once outside, ascend the stairs and fire an arrow at the eye switch by the cave, causing a statue to rise from the ground. Turn it so that its laser is parallel to the line connecting the Temple of the Ocean King and the Mercay Tavern (the larger building on your map). Bomb the spot where the laser hits a wall and enter the cave. When standing at the center of the bridge, use your boomerang to activate a switch to the south. A chest will appear containing a Courage Gem.
  • Get ambushed by a pirate ship. After defeating all of the pirates, Linebeck will reward you with a Courage Gem.
  • On Dee Ess Island there is a gossip stone that tells you something is buried under the menu button. If you dig in the area corresponding to the Menu button on the game (the southwest corner of the lower area), you will unearth a Courage Gem.
  • Defeat two Hinox in the top area of Dee Ess island to reveal a chest containing a Courage Gem.
  • After you complete the Goron Temple, Gongoron will send you a letter containing a Courage Gem.
  • Grapple to the small island behind Salvatore’s minigame on Bannan Island to find two chests. The one on the right holds a Courage Gem.
  • On Uncharted Island, solve the riddle to unlock a cave. Inside the cave, there is a chest in the northeastern corner. Grapple to it or the peg nearby and open it to collect a Courage Gem.
  • Just west of the Temple of Courage on Molida Island is a small island. Grapple to it to find a chest with a Courage Gem.
  • In the southwest corner of Goron Island, there is a house with a chest on top. Grapple to the boulder on the same ledge to reach the chest and another Courage Gem.
  • In the northeast section of the lowest ring on Isle of Ember, a piece of the island is separated from the rest. Grapple to the chest on it to collect a Courage Gem.
  • In Basement 1 of the Temple of the Ocean King, look east to find a gap with grappling poles on either side. Use your grappling hook to create a tightrope and walk to the center, then shoot an arrow at the eye switch. A timed chest will appear in the southeast corner of the room. Reach it before it vanishes to collect a Courage Gem.
  • After you place the triangle gem in its slot in Basement 8 of the Temple of the Ocean King, a chest will appear. Move to the area north of the chest and walk south on the invisible floor to reach the Courage Gem.
  • On the Isle of the Dead, enter the cave near the dock (it is the one with the books inside). To the left of all of the books, place a bomb along the wall to open the path to another room. Carefully make your way to the northeastern corner while avoiding the rupoors to find four chests containing ship parts, a treasure chart, and a Courage Gem.
  • After draining the water on the Isle of Ruins, return to the northeastern pyramid. Next to the base of the pyramid is a small chest holding a Courage Gem.
  • On the western side of Basement 2 of Mutoh’s Temple, go to the southwestern corner to find a chest containing a Courage Gem.