Adventure of Link Spells

The Adventure of Link was different from most of the other Legend of Zelda games because it had a wide range of spells in which you could cast to do a variety of things. No other Zelda game to date as had such a feature, making The Adventure of Link very unique. The spells in this game can do anything from boost your abilities to attacking all enemies within range.

So here is a guide of what each spell is, how to receive them and what they do.


The Shield spell is one of the first spells in which you will receive. And it is also probably one of the most vital ones to your survival. Shield will raise Link’s defense level for the length of your stay in the room in which you cast the spell. This makes it very useful for boss fights and crowded areas. While Shield is cast you will take half the damage you normally would.

To get this spell talk to the Wise Man in Rauru.


The Jump spell obviously increases your jump ability. Link can always jump but with this spell activated, you can jump higher and farther than regularly. This spell is needed to reach some high place not normally accessible.

To get this spell you need to give a trophy to the wise man’s neice in the village of Ruto.


Life is another great spell to have when you get yourself in a bind. If you find yourself close to death then I highly suggest casting Life as soon as possible as it will fill your health meter up to a safe level.

To get this spell you must give the mirror to the Wise Man located in Mido Village.


Perhaps the strangest of the spells in this game is Fairy. The Fairy spell will change Link into a small fairy. This enables you to fly over holes and anything dangerous below you. Fairy can also be used for you to get through a keyhole if you cannot find the key as you are small enough to fit through.

To get this spell you need to talk to the Wise Man in Mido and then give his wife some medicine.


The Fire Spell will enable Link to shoot balls of fire with every swing of his sword. This is useful as some enemies cannot be defeated by anything except fire. However this spell is not essential to your quest.

To get Fire you must give the Wise Man’s daughter some fountain water in Nabooru.


Reflect is another great defensive spell. As the name suggests, Reflect will make certain attacks reflect off of you. This spell is best cast when you are in a room surrounded by spell casting wizards. It is also used to defeat the dungeon boss Carock.

Get this spell in Darunia by returning the missing kid to the Wise Man’s wife.


The Spell spell (haha) is used to find hidden places not visible to the naked eye. For example, there is a hidden cavern in New Kasuto that you cannot find unless you this spell. It can also be used to scare enemies so much that they will actually change their form.To get this spell you need to drop down the chimney of the Wise Man’s house in New Kasuto.


Thunder is the most powerful spell in The Adventure of Link. This spell is an offensive one that will damage all enemies within range. It is a vital spell in the fight against Thunder Bird in the Great Palace.

The Wise Man in Old Kasuto will give you this spell.