Spirit Tracks Flute Songs

spirit tracks flute The Spirit Tracks brings back the classical of element of music playing that has always played a large role in the Legend of Zelda series. However, as Nintendo is well known for, it was once again innovated.

In The Spirit Tracks gamers, for the first time ever, actually were able to simulate playing this instrument. By blowing in the Nintendo DS Microphone while hitting buttons on the screen Nintendo was able to make this item a really fun and unique aspect of the game.

Below are the many songs of which you can learn on your adventure. Each has its own special ability that will help you on your quest.

  • Song of Awakening :

Notes: Light Blue, Red
The Song of Awakening will wake up the multiple of bunny ear statues found throughout The Spirit Tracks. Doing so will provide Link with hints and clues to find treasures.

  • Song of Healing

Notes: Light Green, White, Light Green
This useful song will allow Link to replenish his heart meter once per dungeon. If you want to use it again you must first exit and then re-enter that dungeon.

  • Song of Birds

Notes: Dark Blue, Orange, Dark Blue
This song, as the name suggests, enables Link to summon various kinds of birds. This is most useful in the southwest area of Papuchia Village. The birds will pretty much be grapple points for Link’s whip.

  • Song of Light

Notes: Dark Blue, Yellow, Red, Light Blue, White
The Song of Light enables various crystals to glow and shine. This is used to solve puzzles throughout.

  • Song of Discovery

Notes: Red, Yellow, Red, Light Blue
The Song of Discover, of course, allows Link to discover hidden secrets. Playing this song will reveal everything from hidden treasure to hidden passages.