Link’s Awakening Heart Pieces

Heart One
Bomb the cracked wall on the North East side of the Animal Village

Heart Two
Lift the stone surrounding the stairs on the right side of the cemetery. Use the hookshot to make your way to the piece of heart.

Heart Three
One screen West of Mabe Village is a well drop into it and there is a piece of heart at the bottom.

Heart Four
Catch a big fish in the fishing game North of BowWow’s house.

Heart Five
Swim to the South West corner of Kamelot Castle’s moat and dive.

Heart Six
West of Crazy Stacey’s house is a piece of heart surrounded by pits on all sides. Use the Roc’s Feather to jump across the pits.

Heart Seven
Return to the area you got the Sleep Toadstool and lift the skulls with you Power Bracelet.

Heart Eight
East of Angle’s Cave is another cave with nothing in it but water. Dive and swim around the center of the room to get a piece of heart.

Heart Nine
Cut down the bush on Tal Tal Heights to uncover some stairs. Take them and follow the path to the end. Use bombs to break open walls to the piece of heart.

Heart Ten
When you exit the level to reach the other part of the dungeon there will be a piece of heart.

Heart Eleven
After lifting the rock to enter the prairie heat two screens East and one North. Enter the cave and use the Pegasus Boots to break the crystals. Bomb the East wall and you can take the piece of heart.

Heart Twelve
After defeating the sand pit mini boss drop down the pit to get Angle’s Key and so you can bomb the North Wall where a piece of heart is located.