Wind Waker Heart Pieces

wind waker heart piecesLike almost every Zelda game ever, The Wind Waker is filled with heart pieces which Link can collect to gain more health. These heart pieces are scattered throughout the Great Sea and locating them all can be quite the task.

This is why we have created this Wind Waker Heart Pieces location guide. We have each heart piece divided into their respective locations to make collecting them as easy as possible for you.

Wind Waker Heart Pieces Locations

Forsaken Fortress (A1) Heart Pieces

Once exiting your prison cell, the first level of the next chamber will have a similar looking containment cell that is locked. Move the nearby barrels to reveal a switch. Press the switch to open the cell. Inside is a chest containing a heart piece.

Star Island (A2) Heart Pieces

There is a large boulder on Star Island. Use a bomb to reveal a hole in the ground. Jump down this hole and defeat the enemies in this room. Doing so will reward you with a piece of heart.

Crescent Moon Island (A5) Heart Pieces

You can pull this piece of heart off the ocean floor once acquiring Treasure Chart #11 from Dragon Roost Cavern.

Seven-Star Isles (A6) Heart Pieces

Travel towards Sever-Star Isles and look out for the flock of seagulls flying around. As you approach the flock of birds a Big Octo will appear. Defeat this monster by shooting all of his eyes. Kill the Big Octo and you will be able to collect a piece of heart from the ocean floor.

Spectacle Island (B3) Heart Pieces

wind waker heart pieces spectacle island
Salvatore has set up a mini-game on Spectacle Island. To win at this game you must defeat 5 ships with 10 shots of a canon or less. Complete this task to win a piece of heart. Playing the game costs 50 Rupeees.

Windfall Island (B4) Heart Pieces

Salvatore has himself another challenging mini-game for Link to complete. This one is located within a shop on Windfall Island, and is based off the game Battleship. For the price of 10 Rupees you wlil get a chance to sink all 3 squids hidden across the board. You only have a limited number of shots, so this game takes a lot of luck to win. Sink all 3 squids to win a piece of heart.

Salvatore wind waker heart piece

After you have acquired the Picto Box , go see Miss Marie in the Windfall Island schoolhouse. She will talk about a group of mischievous boys that goes by, “The Killer Bees.” They will have you play a game of hide-and-seek with them. Find them all to get a piece of heart.

killer bees heart piece

Head to the town auction hall at night and win a few of their auctions. After winning a few, a heart piece will come up for auction. Outbid the other citizens to win a piece of heart.

After acquiring the Deluxe Picto Box you should speak to Linda. She is the woman in the orange dress near the Killer Bees. Take a picture of Linda and give it to Anton, the man with the hat who glances at her when he walks by. Speak to them both and then meet them during their date at the cafe a few days later. Linda will thank you with a piece of heart.

Talk to Zunari after you have acquired the Delivery Bag. He will hire you in a process that will initiate a trading sequence. Zunari will give you a piece of heart after you have traded enough items with the Goron merchants throughout the sea.

After clearing the second visit through the Forsaken Fortress, go to the 2nd floor of the island’s mansion. Talk to Maggie, the new rich girl in town, and agree to mail a letter for her. Return to her and you will witness a fight between her father and the postman. Meet up with the postman later that day at the cafe and he will give you a letter to give to Maggie. She will thank you with a piece of heart.

To get this piece of heart you will need to get the island’s lighthouse running again. To do this, point the wind to the north to get the Windmill turning. Then activate the switch that is on top of the ladder behind Salvatore’s shop. Ride the now activated windmill to the top and shoot a Fire Arrow into the middle of the lighthouse. Doing so will turn on the lighthouse. Talk to Kreeb, the man in the yellow hat outside of Salvatore’s shop, to get the piece of heart.

Once you have activated the lighthouse, float to the small piece of land where the invisible chest is located. You can find this tiny island by the Bomb Shop. Float to the chest with your Deku Leaf and open the chest to get a piece of heart.

Start the trading sequence with Zunari to obtain flowers and other decorations for Rupees. Place a piece of decoration in all 14 flower pots around the island. After doing so, talk to the man sitting on the bench to get a piece of heart.

Pawprint Isle (B5) Heart Pieces

On Pawprint Isle is a very noticeable blue dome. On one side of this dome is a tiny crawl space. Crawl through to find a chest with a piece of heart inside.

After acquiring Treasure Chart #30 from the Tower of the Gods, head to its map location near Pawprint Isle. You can pull up a piece of heart.

Dragon Roost Island (B6) Heart Pieces

Inside of the Rito Village is the world’s post office. Talk to the guy behind the counter to play the letter sorting game. Complete the game again and again until you have sorted 25 letters in one go.Once doing so, talk to the postman’s assistant, located near the mailbox on the island’s shore, and he will ask you to complete this task again. Successfully sort 25 letters and return to the man. Talk to him and he will give you a piece of mail to send out and a piece of heart.

wind waker heart pieces

Collect 25 Golden Feathers and bring them to the guard on the 2nd floor of the village. He will give you 100 Ruppees and his girlfriend will later send you a piece of heart in the mail.

Flight Control Platform (B7) Heart Pieces

To acquire this heart piece you will need the Magic Meter upgrade. Once you have that, head to the Flight Control Platform and join in on the platform’s mini-game. The goal of this game is to glide from the platform all the way to the banner. This can be challenging, so try to catch all of the updrafts that you can. Doing so will reward you with a heart piece.

Rock Spire Isle (C2) Heart Pieces

Sail around Rock Spire Isle until you find 2 enemy ships. Sink both the ship and they will drop treasure into the ocean. Pull up the treasure to get a heart piece.

Near Rock Spire Isle is a piece of heart that can be found by using Treasure Chart #2. This chart is obtained by giving Maggie’s father 20 skull necklaces after you have rescued the girls from the Forsaken Fortress.

Once obtaining the wallet upgrade, Beedle will send you a letter in regards to a sale he is having. Visit his Ship Shop near Rock Spire Isle. Inside his shop will be a piece of heart for sale at 950 Rupees.

Tingle Island (C3) Heart Pieces

Sail north of Tingle’s island towards the flock of seagulls. Upon approaching them a Big Octo will attack. Defeat the Big Octo and he will drop a piece of heart into the ocean.

Three-Eye Reef (D1)

Use Treasure Chart #38 to find the location of this heart piece. You can get this treasure chart from the Windfall Island auction.

Greatfish Isle (D2)

There is a small cave entrance on the side of one of these islands. Find this opening and then sail to the small rock where you can climb up to the withered Deku Sprout. Direct the wind to the Northwest and then use the Deku Leaf to glide to that cave. Inside is a chest containing a piece of heart.

Six-Eye Reef (D4) Heart Pieces

There is an enemy submarine to the Southwest part of the island. Enter the sub and defeat all the monsters inside to get a heart piece.

Thorned Fairy Island (D7)

Use Treasure Chart #5, which you can find in the Wind Temple, and it will take you to a spot near the Thorned Fairy Island with a heart piece.

Needle Rock Isle (E1) Heart Pieces

Use your bow to shoot down all of the Kagorocs flying around the island. Once you have done this use a Hyoi Pear to gain control of a seagull. Fly your seagull to the top of the island and hit a switch to lower the flames around a nearby treasure chest. Open the chest to acquire a piece of heart.

Stone Watcher Isle (E3) Heart Pieces

Climb up to the top of the observation platform to the east of the island. Kill all of the monsters and destroy the cannons underneath with your bombs. Doing so will get you a piece of heart.

Bomb Island (E6) Heart Pieces

Blow up the giant boulder on the top of the island so you can jump into the hold hidden beneath. In the first room is a Magtail. Attack the monster until it curls up into a ball. Pick him up and place him onto the nearby switch to open the second chamber. In this room are two more Magtails. Attack them until they are curled up, and then throw each one into the holes to get a piece of heart.

Treasure chart #20, found in the Earth Temple, will lead you to treasure near Bomb Island. Pull up the treasure to get a piece of heart.

Diamond Steppe Island (F1) Heart Piece

If you continue to play the Battleship mini-game on Windfall Island you will acquire Treasure Chart #7. Follow this chart to get a heart piece.

Southern Fairy Island (F4) Heart Pieces

Purchase Treasure Chart #4 from Beedle’s special shop for 900 Rupees. Sail to its location in coordinate F4 to fish it up.

Forest Haven (F6) Heart Piece

The Rito Chieftan will send you a piece of heart in the mail after you locate the Forbidden Woods.

All across the Great Sea, the newply-planted Deku Trees are withering. To heal these Deku Trees you must pour special Forest Haven water on them. There are 8 trees total that needs healed. Complete this task to get a piece of heart.

Treasure Chart #30, found in the Tower of the Gods, will take you to a spot near Forest Haven Fish up the piece of heart.

Outset Island (G2) Heart Piece

Enter the Savage Labyrinth and fight your way floor to floor, until you reach the level with the Triforce Chart. At this point, use your Mirror Shield to dissolve the statue to dive in even deeper. Complete the next 50 levels of the Savage Labyrinth to get a piece of heart.

You can get this piece of heart after you have acuired the Power Bracelets.With the Power Bracelets you can now pick up the giant black pig. Carry him to the black patch of soil on the other side of the bridge. Place some All Purpose Bait onto the soil and the pig will dig up a piece of heart.

Return to Orca’s house for another round of sword training. If you manage to land 500 hits on him before he can hit you three times, he will reward you with a heart piece.

Headstone Island (G3) Heart Pieces

Use a Hyoi Pear to control a nearby seagull. Fly the seagull to the top of the island, and through the heart piece. Then quickly fly the seagull back to Link to acquire it.

Angular Isles (G5) Heart Pieces

There is a heart piece on top of the island. To reach this heart piece you will need to push and pull the blocks so you are able to climb up to the top of the island.

Treasure Chart #15, found in the Forbidden Woods, will lead you to a piece of heart in the Angular Isles.

Five-Star Isles (G7) Heart Pieces

five star isles piece of heart wind waker

Near the island is a submarine. Enter this sub and defeat all of the enemies to get another piece of heart.

Use Treasure Chart #33, acquired by taking a pictograph picture of the “beautiful” woman on Windfall, and follow it to Five-Star Isles. You will find the last piece of heart here.