Link’s Awakening Trade Sequence

Link’s Awakening was the first game in the Legend of Zelda series to feature what is now known as a trading sequence. In these series of trades, you receive a variety of items that you must pass onto a person that is not disclosed to you. Once each person has their respective item you are rewarded with an item for yourself. In the case of Link’s Awakening, you get the Lens of Truth. This secret item will allow you to see enemies that are not visible to the naked eye. But, that is not it. You will also be able to use the Lens of Truth to uncover a Moblin that will trade you for a Boomerang.

1. To start the trading sequence you must first win the Yoshi Doll from the Trendy Game found in the South East corner of Mabe Village.

2. After winning the doll head North and give that doll to a certain mother who is looking for just that item. She will then give you a nice bow.

3. On the Western edge of the town is Madame Meow Meow’s house. Inside is a female Bow-Wow that would like nothing more then to be prettied up with your bow. Give it to her and she will give you a bowl of dog food.

4. North of the beach is an alligator who is starving for some food. Give him your dog food and he will offer you a banana.

5. Monkeys love bananas so the next step is to find one. In case you cannot locate a monkey on your own, I will give you a clue. He is at the castle entrance. Give him your banana and he will make a bridge across for you and drop a stick that is left over from his construction.

6. Take your stick and go find Tarin who is trying to get into a beehive. He will use your stick and knock the hive down. Once the swarm of bees chase him away take the left over honey

7. Go to the Animal Village and give the honey to the bear there. In return he will give you a Hibiscus Flower.

8. For this step you do not need to go far. Just find the goat in the Animal Village and give him your flower. He will then give you a letter.

9. Mr. White in the swamp will be awaiting your letter so go to him and in return you will get a broom

10. Now that you have the broom you must return to Animal Village and go see the little old lady in the North East corner of the village. She is looking for a broom to clean up the mess in town. Once giving her your broom she will give you a hook.

11. Now take your hook to the fisherman who can be found under a bridge. He will take your hook and cast his line. But instead of catching a fish he will catch a necklace. Since he has no use for it he will give it to you.

12. Take your newly acquired necklace and give it to the mermaid near the Catfish Maw. This will give you a scale.

13. Finally you must now place the scale on the mermaid statue which will allow you to push it and reveal a hidden passage. Go down the stairs to get the Lens of Truth.

14. To get the Boomerang, you must go to the end of Koholint Beach. There will be a rocky like door there that you can blast open with a bomb. Use the Lens of Truth inside and you will see a Moblin. Speak to him and he will offer to trade you a Boomerang for whatever is in your B item slot. Since you will no longer need your Shovel I suggest that you trade that to him.