Fixing Fun Fun Island – Skyward Sword

In Skyward Sword there is a fun mini-game in which Link is able to sky dive and collect Rupees to win prizes.  At the end of the dive Link must aim himself to land on a colorful spinning platform. By going through more rings and landing on an ideal color, Link is able to increase his prize amount.

However, before Link is able to play this game he must fix Fun Fun Island by following our Fixing Fun Fun Island guide.

Fixing Fun Fun Island

If you talk to the owner of the island he will tell you that a piece of the island, the Party Wheel, has fallen off and crashed somewhere down on the surface.  Fi will set your dowsing ability with the option of locating the wheel.

To save you the hassle of dowsing for the wheel I will just go ahead and tell you that it is located in the Lanayru Desert near the Bird Statue furthest south. There will be a nearby Timeshift Stone which can be activated.

fixing fun fun island

Thanks IGN for this image

Doing so will make vines appear which Link can climb on to head east. Eventually you should see the wheel partially covered by sand. Drop down and your robot will appear and take it to the owner up on Fun Fun Island.


You will be rewarded with 5 Gratitude Crystals.