A Link Between Worlds Bottles

Welcome to our A Link Between Worlds Bottles Locations guide. This strategy guide will assist you in locating the various bottles within the 3DS adventure, A Link Between Worlds.
The bottles in this game can hold a variety of items including, but not limited to: fairies and potions of multiple colors. Like most of the Zelda games of late, bottles will most likely be capable of storing a multitude of items.

A Link Between Worlds Bottles

link between worlds empty bottle

The game’s first bottle can be found in Kakariko Village. Just like A Link to the Past, a bottle can be purchased from the merchant in the center of Kakariko for 100 Rupees.

bottle under the bridge

Also like A Link to the Past, a bottle can be found under the Stone Bridge in Hyrule. By using the Zora Flippers Link will be able to swim north from Lake Hyule to the bridge east of Link’s house. Talk to the man under the bridge to get a free bottle.

lorule bottles location

To acquire A Link Between World’s third bottle you will need to head to Lorule. Go to Lorule’s version of Link’s house and use a bomb on the back of the house. Enter the building to find a chest containing an empty bottle.

The game’s last bottle requires a bit of work to obtain. After acquiring the Zora Flippers you will need to search Lake Hylia to find a Message in a Bottle. The message requests your assistance at the top of Death Mountain. The note will request that you fill the bottle up with Premium Milk from the Milk Bar.

a link between worlds bottles

Talk to to man in the milk bar to get milk for free. With your bottle filled with milk, head east from the Tower of Hera and head down into the large lava-filled cavern. You will come across a platform with 2 flame breathing enemies. At this point you will need to merge onto the southern wall and wait for the platform to arrive. At the meeting point of the 3 moving platforms you will need to take the one to right which leads you to the cave’s exit. Exit the cave to find a stranded man. Give him the milk and he will let you keep his bottle.

a link between worlds fairy fountain bottle

Head northwest of the Bomb Flower Shop in Lorule. You will find a large cracked rock waiting to be blown up. Use one of the large Bomb Flowers to blow the boulder up revealing a fairy fountain. Donate 3000 Rupees to the fairy fountain to get a bottle.


A Link Between Worlds BottlesA Link Between Worlds Bottles locations

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