Pumpkin Patch Plower Quest

Once you have learned Eldin’s part of the Song of the Hero, and Eldin Volcano has calmed, soar over to Pumpkin Landing and talk to Kina in the pumpkin patch. She thanks you for helping to store the pumpkins in the shed. Now someone needs to plant new seeds, but it is very hard work. Tell her that you know someone who can help, calibrate your dowsing ability, and fly over to the Eldin Province.

Descend at the Volcano East point, then run over to the Mogma caves. Jump down and glide to the pillar with Guld, the Mogma leader, on it. If you miss, you will have to climb back up to the top and try again. Speak with Guld to find out that he would actually be interested in going to the sky. He loves the sky! Call Scrapper, exit the caves, and return to the sky.

Head back to Pumpkin Landing to drop off Guld. When he learns that you were taking him to a plowing job, he is disappointed; however, Kina’s compliments convince him to stay and help her. Kina will then give you 5 Gratitude Crystals.