Adventure of Link Cheats

Different Save Screen

You must have two controllers plugged in for this secret to work. First, you must pause the game with controller one. Then with controller two press the “up” and “A” button at the same time. This will take you to a special menu screen where you can save or continue. This is not available during regular gameplay.

Get Through Locked Doors Without a Key

If you ever come across a locked room and you missed the key somewhere, do not fret. Simple cast the Fairy Spell and you will will able to fly right through the keyhole. If you use your magic wisely, you can even get through entire dungeons like this.

Bypass Forced Monster Encounters

Throughout the game, there are several areas with forced monster scenes. They are activated when you step on certain kind of tiles or terrain. To skip all of those annoying forced battle scenes, you must wait in front of the tile long enough for a monster to show up. When that monster walks over the forced encounter block, that is when you must step on it. Instead of getting the lengthy and more difficult forced scene, you will just get a regular monster fight. This is very handy to use when working your way to the Great Palace.

Warp Hole

Throughout several places in the game, it is actually possible for Link to jump or fly (as a fairy) above the top of the screen where the stats are. If you do this you will fall through a secret warp hole. The results of this will depend on where you did this at, but it can leave you in a complete different room, or even below a castle. Using this glitch will get you stick sometimes. If this happens you will have to reset your console.

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