Link’s Awakening Bosses

Dungeon: Tail Cave
How to Beat: The way I beat this boss was mainly using my shield. Basically, keep your shield up at all times. Now, the way to kill Moldorm is to hit the tip of his tail with your sword. The only real strategy to this boss is to try to predict his movements and get bihind him or next to his tail so you can hit it. Also, keep an eye on how far back you get knocked. There are huge holes to the side of the platform and if you aren’t careful, you’ll be knocked off and you’ll have to try again. Again, there is no strategy to prevent this. Only because the platform you must fight on is very small.

Dungeon: Bottle Grotto
How to Beat: Genie is possibly my most hated boss out f this game. Not because he’s a hard boss…… He’s far from that…….. I just didn’t enjoy fighting him. To beat Genie, you have to hit his lamp/jar thing with your sword. After you hit it, pick it up with your Power Bracelet and throw it at the wall. He should lose the bottle/jar thing after three times of being thrown. Now, this is where he gets really annoying. Every time you hit Genie now, he will disapear and then reappear. When he reappears, he keeps spinning around you to try and confuse you. When he appears and stops spinning, he will throw a fire ball at you. Dodge it and hit him with your sword. He should die after a couple of hits.

Slime Eye
Dungeon: Key Cavern
How to Beat: Ram into the wall to make the boss appear. (He’s stuck on the ceiling.) Now when he falls into the battle, ram into him with your pegasus boots. Or you can hit him with your sword. Either way, sooner or later, he’ll split into two separate blobs. Now, focus on one of the blobs and hit it with your sword. If I recall correctly, after each hit, it will jump up and hit the ground to try and stun you / hit you. Just jump out the way with your Roc’s Feather and repeat until both blobs are dead. =]

Angler Fish
Dungeon: Angler’s Cavern
How to Beat: Okay, this will be the fastest fight out of this whole game. Seriously!!! Normal enemies take longer than this boss does. Now, to start the fight off, just get directly above his little light thing and start slashing at it with your sword. He will literally die in a few hits. When I fought him on both playthroughs, he has never done the alleged dash attack at me. He just floated up and down while I kept hitting him. Simple enough. =]

Slime Eel
slime eel
Dungeon: Catfish’s Maw
How to Beat: This boss was really annoying. First off, get a feal for the Slime Eel’s attack pattern. Now that you have an idea at what he does, wait for the head to pop out of the wall. Hookshot it when it’s mouth is open to pull it out of the wall. Now quickly before it goes back into it’s hole, slice at the pulsing heart behind it’s head. It should die after doing this enough times.

Dungeon: Face Shrine
How to Beat: What I did was just dodge all the objects falling on/flying at you and just place bombs on facades face when he showed up. You might have to time it a little but it’s really simple and I’m sure you’ll definitely get it. There really isn’t any strategy to this boss either. It just depends on how well you can dodge objects coming your way and how well you time pulling bombs out and placing them.

Evil Eagle
evil eagle
Dungeon: Eagle Tower
How to Beat: This was my favorite boss out of the whole game……. Also, quite possibly the hardest boss out of the whole game.
Now, there is no real way to tell what attacks Evil Eagle will do but here’s some advice I can offer. STAY IN THE MIDDLE OF THE TOWER AT ALL TIMES. The reason for this is for when he tries to push you off the tower with his wings. I found it difficult to stay on when you aren’t in the middle during that attack. Now, to actually hurt him, just slice at his beak when he passes by. When he is way to high up, just use your hookshot. When he does the wind attack to try and push you off, he will shoot feather at you. To avoid this all together, just pull out your shield and try walking towards Evil Eagle. You should best this bird with a few well place sword attacks.

Hot Head
hot head
Dungeon: Turtle Rock
How to Beat: Honestly, there is no reason to be scared of this boss. I didn’t get hit once during both of my playthroughs. The only weapon that can hurt this boss is the Magic Rod. Contrary to the fact that the rod shoots fire and the boss is made of fire, it actually hurts him. Now what I do is just stand still and shoot the rod when he gets in my line of fire.When he is, I just keep using the rod. Sooner or later, he will split his fire shell and become this goofy looking creature. Just keep using the rod when he gets in the line of fire and he should die in a couple hits.

Dungeon: Wind Fish’s Egg (Very gay because I always thought he would hatch and take me to the final boss…… But no, the whole egg is the bosses chamber.)
How to Beat: This boss has six parts to it……. And all the parts are fairly easy. =p
First off is Giant Gel. To beat him, get your magic powder out and let him hop near you. When he lands, use the magic powder on him. This apparently causes damage. =p Just repeat this a couple more times and he’ll change into the next shadow.

Next should be Agahnim’s Shadow. If you have ever played A Link to The Past, then you know how to beat this boss. In case you haven’t ever played that game, here is how to beat him. Just wait for him to cast a magic ball at you. Hit it back to damage him. He’ll sie after a couple rounds of hitting him.

Now this is really easy….. Especially since you’ve fought this boss before. It just so happens to be the first boss of the game. =] Moldorm’s Shadow. Just use the same advice I gave earlier in the guide. When he transforms again, it should bring you back to ALtTP. =]

This form is basically Ganon from A Link to The Past. He does the same exact attack that the actual Ganon did. All you do is dodge the bats and slash at him. He should fall fairly easily. Onward to the next Nightmare Shadow!!!

Lanmola’s Shadow is really easy. Just use the Magic Powder on it and it will die.

Now, for the final Nightmare Shadow. This one was the easiest for me. =] I heard from my friend that if you just throw the magical boomerang at it, it will die instantly…… However, Every time I’ve thrown it, it always took me two times. But yeah, this is the easiest way to kill him. If you don’t have the boomerang, just do it the old fashioned way by jumping over his swinging arms. During this process, try to stay in front of Dethl. He should open up the eye in the center of his body after a couple seconds. Shoot it with arrows and then repeat the process. It should take roughly 15-20 shots. I lost count after a while but it’s definitely in between those two numbers.

Giant Hardhat Beetle
color dungeon boss
Dungeon: Color Dungeon
How to Beat: I actually have a really hard time with this boss. Only because I find it hard to keep it changing colors. But basically, all you have to do it hit it with the sword and keep it changing from blue all the way to red. After it’s red, hit it one more time and it will die.